Magickal Guide to London Part 1

Magickal London

Guest writer GAVINPAUL “FOX” MARRINER delves into the heart of magickal London with this new occasional Spooky series. Today he looks at London’s oldest occult bookshop and one of the city’s most notorious resting places.

London is that most Magickal of cities. Do not let the crisply suited bankers or numerous camera obsessed tourists fool you, she has another side, a hidden face, and all it takes is a tiptoe or two out of the mundane and everyday to experience the shrill tingle of the Macabre and Miraculous for yourself.

Submitted herein for your approval in true Twilight Zone fashion are two of the top Occult related locations in Older than Old London Town.

Each is open to the public and drip with that tell-tale shudder of the otherworldly.

Tread carefully and respectfully in these places, and perhaps you too will be lucky enough to find that little slice of Magick for yourself, as I and many more before me already have. Happy hunting.

Author: The Spooky Isles

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  1. Love the review of two of my favourite places in London. It’s worth noting though that occasionally the venue for Atlantis Bookshops Presents… is changed due to prior bookings. Next weeks talk , on 11 April 2012, will be in the Cheshire Cheese slightly further down Milford Lane than the normal venue. Further details can be found on .

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