White Noise, Black Mass from Dracula AD 1972

White Noise Black Mass from Dracula AD 1972

DOM COOPER looks at the music from the Hammer vampire classic, Dracula AD 1972

Spooky Sounds

White Noise – ‘Phase Out’ The Visitation, Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell

A young couple walks into the crypt of an abandoned church. All around them the stone crumbles and darkness casts long shadows. A giggling man in a white robe leads them towards a circle of people, interrupting the silence of the gothic gloom. They join a small cabal who are knelt round a pentagram chalked upon the stone. Above them a man in black robes stands by an altar that is adorned with an upturned crucifix. He motions to begin and the man in white switches on a tape machine. Reels turn and the sound of frantic drumming fills the cavernous space. From behind the altar, chalice aloft, the black robed figure starts to call upon demons, chanting names, enacting a black mass. The music starts to warp as electronics merge with the drums. Finally, echoed screams join in.

This is the sound of White Noise’s ‘Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell’, and the scene is from the Hammer film Dracula AD: 1972.

Author: The Spooky Isles

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