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Peter Fawn with the 1922 photograph from Nosferatu

Peter Fawn with the 1922 photograph from Nosferatu

Exciting piece of horror film history discovered at London Film Memorabilia Convention

I’m not a big collector any more. In my younger years I would have spent half my pay buying up posters, books and DVDs (then videos) of all sorts of horror films.

But now I am just as happy wandering around film conventions having a browse.

The only real attraction of film conventions is seeing stuff you couldn’t normally see anywhere else and maybe eye-balling some movies stars.

That is why I was particularly chuffed recently coming across a rare 1922 original photograph of Max Shreck in Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror and having a chat with movie legend David Warner at a recent London Film Memorabilia Convention.

Author: The Spooky Isles

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