The Haunting Beauty of Highgate

Angel sleeping on top of a grave in the western section of Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery in North London is world-famous for its monuments to the dead and its lush, haunting atmosphere

(You can see all of my Highgate Photographs by visiting the Spooky Isles Facebook Page here.)

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  1. What a fantastic article and superb photographs. One cemetery I would actually die just to get to visit. Poor show on the part of the Tour Guide.

  2. I visited the Eastern part of Highgate a couple of years ago and was very lucky to have great weather. I would have loved to have seen the West but maybe next time. Will just have to hope for nice tour guide.

  3. I work there…. Really must visit it at some point!! And Chingford Mount where the Krays are buried *ooooooh*

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