101 Great British Hauntings Part 3

101 Great British Hauntings Part 3

101 Great British Hauntings

Ghastly murder, suicide and monsters plague this week’s 101 Great British Hauntings from MJ WAYLAND

21. Littlecote Manor, Wiltshire, has the ghost of the gruesome Burning Babe, a new-born child who was thrown on to a fire.

22. Lawrence of Arabia has been seen at Cloud’s Hill in Dorset and is said to appear whenever England is in danger.

23. Legends of a monster lurking in a secret room are told about Glamis Castle, Scotland.

Glamis Castle

24. Cranmere Pool, Dartmoor, plays host to the ghost of Bingie Gear who appears in different forms, both animal and human.

25. The Bank of England is home to the Black Nun, whose brother was hanged after being convicted of forgery there.

Bank of England

26. Ghost watchers at Wolfeton House in Dorchester may see the strange sight of a coach and horses being driven up the staircase inside the house.

27. A “green lady” with a baby has been seen at Crathes Castle in Scotland, where the skeleton of a women and child were found under the floor during building work.

28. At East Riddlesden Hall in Yorkshire there is a wooden cradle which is rocked by invisible hands.

East Riddlesden Hall

29. The ghost of a girl called Jenny can be heard spinning in the East wing of Knebworth House in Hertfordshire.

30. Vine Street Police Station in London’s West End is haunted by one Sergeant Goddard who hanged himself in a cell.

We will continue to “count ‘em down” next week with more of 101 Great British Hauntings!

MJ WAYLAND is an author, researcher and tutor specialising in paranormal and alternative subjects. He has an excellent blog called Walker of the Borderlands of Belief.

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