101 Great British Hauntings Part 4

101 Great British Hauntings Part 4
Staff Writer

101 Great British Hauntings

MJ WAYLAND continues his countdown of Britain’s greatest spooks with a vampire, a sailor and a faceless nun!

31. Borley Rectory in Essex was once known as The Most Haunted House in England for its vast array of spooks.

32. Wimbledon Theatre, London, has two ghosts, one has been seen walking through a closed door in the fly-tower.

33. Croglin Low Hall, Cumbria, has a vampire.

Croglin Low Hall

34. Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor immortalised by Daphne Du Maurier, is haunted by the ghost of a sailor who was robbed and killed by a cut-purse.

35. Theatre Royal in Margate has the ghost of actress Sarah Thorne who died in 1899.

36. A ghostly dwarf guards buried treasure at Thirwell Castle in Northumberland.

37. The Black Museum at Scotland Yard is haunted by a nun who has no face.

38. The ghost of an old woman known as the Old Hell Cat who knits with red-hot needles haunts at Raby Castle, Durham.

Raby Castle, Durham

39. A mischievous spirit a the Kylesku Hotel in the Scottish Highlands has a habit of popping his head through a trap door in the ceiling.

40. Dover Castle in Kent is haunted by a headless drummer boy murdered during the Napoleonic Wars.

We will continue to “count ‘em down” next week with more of 101 Great British Hauntings!

MJ WAYLAND is an author, researcher and tutor specialising in paranormal and alternative subjects. He has an excellent blog called Walker of the Borderlands of Belief.

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