My Ghost Experience: At The Bull Hotel

The Bull Hotel

RICHARD MOODY from Tamworth Ghost Hunters reports on a spooky investigation of The Bull Hotel in Sedbergh, Cumbria

This was an impromptu investigation while my partner and I were staying at the Bull Hotel. The investigation lasted over two nights. The first night there was just myself and the manager of the hotel. The second night there was the barman, his parents, my partner and of course, me.

The manager at the hotel mentioned that the staff at the hotel, including himself, had experienced “strange goings-on” in the hotel. As always, I had some of my equipment in the boot of my car and could not miss the opportunity to conduct some investigations. With the manager’s permission, I had access to all areas of the hotel. I proceeded to do a base line reading of the hotel with the K2 and had two EMF spikes, one by an electric junction box and one in a corridor above the kitchens.

On the first evening, the manager and I decided to do a session with the ghost box and the K2 meter. Unfortunately, we had no response from the K2 but the ghost box was very active. After the manager got over the initial shock of the ghost box talking, he asked a number of questions which were answered promptly and intelligently. He then picked up a number of items from a table and asked the ghost box what he held in his hand. Each item was answered correctly apart from one. When he held up a knife, the answer he received was “gibet”. Neither of us knew what a gibet was. The following day we found out that “gibet” was an old terminology for a knife in that area of the country.

One the second night an incident happened.

Author: The Spooky Isles

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  1. This was all really interesting but I don’t think I understand what you are talking about when you say “ghost box”

  2. Ghost boxes work by what is known as sweeping of the FM or AM band.
    As the channels are scrolled through upward or downward, a mix of white noise and audio fragments can be audibly heard. These audio fragments may best
    be described as bits and pieces of voices, music, or whatever
    is being broadcasted across the band at the time the sweep is made

      With the ghost box radio sweep method, the spirit or ghost voices seem to be
    carried upon these audio fragments and white noise. We believe these audio
    fragments sometimes not only alter the tone and overall pitch of the spirit
    voice recorded, but also may affect the pace of the message making it line-up
    in sync with the speed of the frequencies changing. While making ghost box
    recordings, my own voice, while asking questions, will sometimes be altered by in pitch and pace, making it sound choppy and manipulated. For this reason, I do not believe that ghosts and spirits actually manipulate the audio fragments into forming words to create a message for us to hear. Many subscribe to this theory, but we believe it is incorrect. Our experiments seem to indicate that the spirit voices we record are affected by the frequency changes of the audio which is used as a carrier of the spirit voices.

    Have a look at are web page 4 more on the ghost box ?

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