Guest writer JULIE DUNK heads out on a very Mancunian ghost tour with Flecky Bennett

Do you enjoy a good ghost story?
A lot of us do!
So why not find someone who can tell that story in such a way that it will almost seem like the ghosts are there playing out the scene for you!
I recently had the pleasure of finding such a person – Flecky Bennett!
With his red eyes and snarling grin, he engaged our group with his unique story telling abilities.
His ghost walks either take you around the streets of Manchester or on a dark and cold underground tour of the now abandoned air raid shelters and subterranean canals of the city.
Flecky Bennett
You can book your tour found on his macabre website where you can also find all you need to know regarding footwear (sensible, flat, you don’t mind getting them wet), torches for the underground experience and all the health and safety dos and don’ts so to avoid you ending up with your creepy tour guide giving you mouth to mouth resuscitation!
I’ve been on both walks, but if I had to choose it would be the tunnel tour. With its dark tunnels and spacious arch ways it certainly creates a dark and foreboding place for ghosts to roam.
His calls to the spirits sometimes create some strange results and his seance is very chilling to experience.
With a helping of Flecky’s sense of dark humour thrown into the mix you’ll be fully engaged in his world.
If you prefer something less dark and terrifying though, the street walk is perfect for taking in Manchester’s architecture, local haunted sites and forgotten walk ways.
Flecky Bennett
You’ll even find out where the dead centre of Manchester is and what it has to do with a headless dog!
A skeptic though I am, I still enjoyed the sensation of feeling slightly scared of the unknown and also intrigued by some of the stranger knocking sounds Flecky’s spirit friends were supposedly making for us.
It’s such an enduring mystery that I have felt the need to ask more questions about the paranormal world and have booked a ghost hunt to satisfy my curiosity.
Wish me luck!


JULIE DUNK says she is a “Manager by day, Horror movie and paranormal tinkerer by night. Anything out of the ordinary suites me best.”

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