Spooky Isles talks to legendary English horror author Guy N. Smith at his Shropshire home
Guy N. Smith published his first horror novel over 40 years ago and in the year since has become one of the most famous – and some could say infamous – horror writers around with over 120 titles to his name. His pulp novels, such as Night of the Crabs, The Slime Beast, Werewolf by Moonlight and The Sucking Pit, are stuff of gory legend. Spooky Isles’ David Saunderson and Paul Adams visited Guy at his farm in Shropshire to discover what makes the horror master tick (or is that click, click, click?). (You can check out Guy N. Smith’s website at www.guynsmith.com where you can buy his new book, Hangman’s Hotel.)

Paul Adams, Guy N. Smith and David Saunderson

Paul Adams, Guy N. Smith and David Saunderson at the horror writer’s farm near Shrewsbury in Shropshire

Spooky Isles
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