PAUL ROOK explains why it’s important to think safety at all times when doing on-site paranormal investigations…
As the host of Paranormal Concept on Parasearch Radio, I decided to do a show on Safety within the Paranormal.
I was joined in the studio by my usual co host Kerry Greenaway. Kerry earlier that day found an article issuing out different aspects of safety points to look out for within the paranormal, such as mental illness, Insanity, attachments, spiritual problems, physical injury just to name a few. All in the article it was claimed to be related to the paranormal work.
However, I stated on air that all that was a load of rubbish! OK you can experience some, and if you’re incredibly unlucky all of it, but I do believe it is not related just to the paranormal field, we can have bad luck no matter where we work.
We discussed that the list does actually illustrate why it is always a good idea to have a first aider in any team. Having that qualified appointed person to be able to handle any physical and mental injury that any member of your team or members of the public can endure.
It is very important to do a health and safety check on all locations no matter what. Most locations should already have their own risk assessments for events, and it should be freely available to any team upon request. However, do not just rely on that. Always do your own checks and constantly do dynamic risk assessments throughout the night as things can always change. It is always more important when dealing with the public. It could also have an affect on your Public Liability insurance
Something we also considered was the use of Personal Protective Clothes, including hard hats for some location. It is a requirement by law that if you work in a dangerous or hazardous area then PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) be made available for you to use from your employer, however, you also have a responsibility to use it too.
It is also always wise to make sure that whatever company or paranormal team you go with to an investigation with has their own Public Liability Insurance and any reputable team would be more than happy to show you a copy.
Something we also looked into was the legalities behind Common Land and obtaining licences also PAT Testing, Spiritual Protection and much much more…
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