Spooky Isles Advertising rates

Spooky Isles has an average monthly audience of 35,000 readers, mostly from the UK and Ireland, interested in the paranormal, horror films and dark history.

Our readers enjoy hearing about ghost tours, learning about events they can attend, books they can buy, horror films they can watch – and even find out more about psychic readings and other esoteric pursuits.

Our website advertising rates are as follows:

1 month2 months3 months6 months12 month
Home Page Top Banner£50£75£100£250£400
Home Page Banner£20£30£40£80£180
Small Box£10£15£20£40£90
Medium Box£15£23£20£60£135
Large Box£20£30£40£80£180

Further details and booking please contact [email protected]

All advertisements are subject to approval by Spooky Isles. We reserve the right to refuse any advert.