Strange History

Weird, disturbing, wacky, horrific, nightmarish – these are all some of the many words to describe the strange history of the UK and Ireland…

bedlam hospital, bedlam asylum

Where is Bedlam Asylum, London’s original madhouse?

Bedlam Asylum in London - the world's most famous mental hospital - had four different locations over the years. AMY CONNOLLY tell us where they were...

13 creepy facts about Sawney Bean, the Scottish Cannibal

13 gruesome facts on Scottish cannibal Sawney Bean, thanks to MJ STEEL COLLINS

Two Doctors and the Human Candle: A Case of Spontaneous Human Combustion?

DR FIONA-JANE BROWN looks at a strange case of a woman mysteriously burning to death in Aberdeen, Scotland... was it Spontaneous Human Combustion?
The Bolton Strid

Bolton Strid deadly waters inspire tales of horror

Bolton Strid, a dangerous river in North Yorkshire, is surrounded by many legends, says KAI ROBERTS
Edinburgh facts

13 Creepy Edinburgh Facts You Didn’t Know

MJ STEEL COLLINS delves into the Scottish capital's nefarious past to dig up some creepy Edinburgh facts
John Hurt as Joseph Merrick, incorrectly called John Merrick, in the film The Elephant Man

Who was Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man?

NIA JONES looks behind the dark and murky world of the Victorian sideshow to reveal its most famous son, Joseph Merrick aka The Elephant Man
Elizabeth Stile Witch of Windsor, feeds her familiars

Elizabeth Stile, the Witch of Windsor who loved being bad!

Elizabeth Stile was a 16th century wicked witch who loved her black arts, says POLLYANNA JONES
South Kentish Town Abandoned Underground Tube Station

5 Creepy Abandoned London Underground Stations

Abandoned London Underground Stations can be found across the English capital.
Clopton House

Clopton House horrors and the real ‘Ophelia’

POLLYANNA JONES describes the dark history that has blackened Clopton House near Stratford-upon-Avon
Ireland has witnessed many disturbing and nasty witch trials over its history

Jennet Device, the child witch who killed the Pendle Witches

JON KANEKO-JAMES tell us the Pendle Witch executions were the result of the testimony of a little girl

The Bloody History of British Witches

Guest writer NIXIE VALE takes a look at the history of witchcraft through the ages...
Witches of Belvoir

Who were the Witches of Belvoir?

Who were the Witches of Belvoir?
Ireland has witnessed many disturbing and nasty witch trials over its history

Ireland’s 7 nastiest witch trials in history

ANN MASSEY takes a look at the seven most famous Irish witch trials

What evil lurks inside the haunted St Osyth Witches Cage in Essex?

JON KANEKO-JAMES talks to John Fraser about his report into Essex's St Osyth Witches Cage
dearg-due dearg due

Medieval Vampire Legends in UK and Ireland

KELLIE HAULOTTE looks at some British and Irish vampires over the centuries

Witch of Saratoga, Northampton’s forgotten magickal emigrant

Angeline Tubbs left England in 1761 and became the infamous Witch of Saratoga, writes JJ MERRYWEATHER

The Welsh Corpse Candles of St David

In this St David's Day Special, Jacob Milnestein looks at how the Welsh patron saint announces death with a dimming ball of light
Witches Justice

Return to the “Witches” of Islandmagee, County Antrim

JANET QUINLIVAN goes to Islandmagee in Northern Ireland to see if its executed witches deserve an apology
kilmainham jail

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin’s haunted prison

Strange lights, phantom footsteps and haunting voices make Kilmainham Gaol one of Ireland's most haunted historical hotspots says PAUL MOYNIHAN

St Dunstan and his Devil-Beating Tongs

Today we start a new series - Spooky Saints. JACOB MILNESTEIN looks at the tale of St Dunstan and his powerful tongs!
Pendle Hill Witches Guide Sign

Pendle Witches Guide: Where in the Hill to find them

BARRY McCann charts a Pendle Witches Guide of Pendle Hill

Gibbeted: The last live gibbeting in England

ELLIOT DAVIES recounts the torturous tale of the last live gibbeting in England
Werewolves of Ossory, Celtic Werewolf

The Werewolves of Ossory

An Irish priest discovers a couple of werewolves looking for absolution in this ancient tale retold by ANN MASSEY
Knowlton Henge

Knowlton Henge, where Paganism and Christianity clashes

Knowlton Henge is one of Dorset's hidden spooky treasures, says RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES

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The Green Inn, Llangedwyn

The Ghost Girl of Llangedwyn’s Green Inn

ANDREW HOMER reveals a haunting of The Green Inn, Llangedwyn, and his own search for the horrors linked to the Shropshire inn...