Strange History

Weird, disturbing, wacky, horrific, nightmarish – these are all some of the many words to describe the strange history of the UK and Ireland…

Long Meg and her Daughters

Long Meg and Her Daughters, a family of witches turned to stone!

Long Meg and Her Daughters is a Bronze Age stone circle in Cumbria. Guest writer NICKY COULBECK describes her spooky visit...
James Bruce and the Devil

James Bruce, the Scotsman Who Discovered The Devil

18th Century Scottish explorer James Bruce set out to find an ancient text to strengthen his faith. Guest writer JACOB MILLSTEIN says what he actually found was The Devil himself!

Elizabeth Bathory: The Truth Behind Countess Dracula

Ingrid Pitt starred in Hammer's 1971 horror classic Countess Dracula. Guest writer MATTI BEAL goes behind the splatter and reveals the shocking real-life cruelty on which the film was based.

Baby Butchers: Women who killed infants for cash

Baby farming involved poor mothers giving their infants up or adoption with the hope they would find a better life. Guest writer NICOLA CARPENTER explains some of these babies found anything but a happy home ...

The Overcrowded Afterlife

Crunching bones saves grave space, so DAVID SAUNDERSON discovered digging up his family tree. (The Spooky Isles' Guest Blog for The Skull Illusion.)

See St Oliver Plunkett’s Decapitated Head

Say hello to St Oliver Plunkett's Head, a religious relic which was once attached to the rest of the last Roman Catholic martyr to be executed in England
The Clink

Doing time in The Clink, a guide to the original London Gaol

The Clink in London is so old, the medieval gaol is now another word for prison.
Human Skin Covered Books

Human skin covered books, the real story

The practice of human skin covered books was real and more mainstream than we realise, says guest writer JON KANEKO-JAMES
Lower QuintoLower Quinton Witchcraft Murdern Witchcraft Murder

The Lower Quinton Witchcraft Murder

Lower Quinton Witchcraft Murder? Was witchcraft the motive behind the grisly murder of Charles Walton, asks guest writer CLAIRE ATKINSON.
Wenlock and Mandeville

Olympic mascot John Dee occult link

I don't wish to be alarmist but I fear that the the official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots may have been inspired by the work of a 16th Century occultist

From Sirens to Nymphs, A Short History of Mermaids

MATT WINGETT looks at the history of mermaids
bedlam hospital, bedlam asylum

Where is Bedlam Asylum, London’s original madhouse?

Bedlam Asylum in London - the world's most famous mental hospital - had four different locations over the years. AMY CONNOLLY tell us where they were...

British death through the ages

Guest writer VIOLET FENN explores the history of the British and their fascination with death

Post Mortem Photography: My hobby is collecting photos of dead people

Guest writer VIOLET FENN explains why she is fascinated by the Victorian practice of post mortem photography

Secrets of a Highgate Cemetery Tour Guide

A former Highgate Cemetery tour guide tells what it's like working at the world's most famous graveyard
Girvan Old Street Burial Ground

Girvan Old Street Burial Ground: Are ghosts of your family scarier?

ARE the ghosts of your ancestors spookier than those of strangers? I visit Girvan Old Street Burial Ground to find out!
Helen Duncan

Helen Duncan, the fate of Britain’s last jailed witch

Helen Duncan (1897-1956) was the last person to be imprisoned under the British Witchcraft Act 1735. We looked at how this happened...
sawney bean

Was Sawney Bean fact or fiction?

Was Sawney Bean the Scottish cannibal real or just folklore? DAVID SAUNDERSON takes at look...
Oxford Martyrs Memorial

Oxford Martyrs Memorial recalls a fiery past

The Oxford Martyrs Memorial recalls one of the darkest and bloodiest chapters in British history, DAVID SAUNDERSON says

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