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Strange History

Weird, disturbing, wacky, horrific, nightmarish – these are all some of the many words to describe the strange history of the UK and Ireland…

Were Witches in Ye Old England considered Pagan? VIDEO

Writer-historian JON KANEKO-JAMES compares today's witches with their ancestors and asks whether they practice the same pagan religion?

The Truth behind the Witches’ Sabbat VIDEO

Witches Sabbatvideo
JON KANEKO-JAMES discusses the truth behind the infamous Witches' Sabbat in this Spooky Isles' video

Janet Horne, The Burning of the Last Witch in Scotland

Janet Horne, burning witches
Janet Horne was the last witch to be executed in Scotland, KATHLEEN BRUNO looks into the facts of the case

The curious case of Water Stratford’s crazed cult

Water Stratford Cult
EDDIE BRAZIL looks at the curious case of Rev Mason and the 17th century Hippies of Water Stratford

The Devil, The Giant, and Skirrid Mountain

Skirrid Mountain
CLAIRE BARRAND looks into some of the mysterious legends and folklore of the Skirrid Mountain on the English-Welsh border....

Five Caulbearers who made news during Victorian times

Caulbearers in Victorian times
CLAIRE BARRAND hits the archives to discover amazing Caulbearer stories from the Victorian era!

13 Creepy Facts You Didn’t Know About Edinburgh

Edinburgh facts
MJ STEEL COLLINS delves into the Scottish capital's nefarious past to dig up some creepy Edinburgh facts

13 Belfast creepy facts that may shock you!

JANET QUINLIVAN tells us 13 creepy facts you may not know about her home city of Belfast.

How WW2 turned Tyneham in Dorset into a Ghost Village

GUEST writer PENNY G MORGAN explains how Tyneham in Dorset became a ghost village

13 creepy things you didn't know about County Limerick, Ireland

Spooky County Limerick is a place of mysticism, darkness and the devil. ANN MASSEY O'REGAN tells us more.

Spooky Ireland through the lens of photographer Liam McNamara

Curraghchase in County Limerick
Photographer Liam McNamara reveals his images of spooky and abandoned Ireland to ANN MASSEY O'REGAN

Derbyshire's Ghostly Choir and Sermon for the Dead

K.B. GODDARD reveals one Derbyshire parish's creepy custom of performing church services to empty pews full of ghosts!

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