Strange History

Weird, disturbing, wacky, horrific, nightmarish – these are all some of the many words to describe the strange history of the UK and Ireland…

South Kentish Town Abandoned Underground Tube Station

5 Creepy Abandoned London Underground Stations

Abandoned London Underground Stations can be found across the English capital.
The Devil's Glen is in County WIcklow, Ireland.

Top 10 Strange Ireland Place Names

Ireland place names reflect the supernatural and gory nature of its past. Here ANN MASSEY tells us of its top 10 strangest place names.
Witches of Belvoir

Who were the Witches of Belvoir?

Who were the Witches of Belvoir?

Top 7 must-see London Cemeteries: How many have you visited?

Here's a list of London Cemeteries, known as the Magnificent Seven for their amazing graves and monuments!
Ireland has witnessed many disturbing and nasty witch trials over its history

Ireland’s 7 nastiest witch trials in history

ANN MASSEY takes a look at the seven most famous Irish witch trials
St Mary's Church, Newchurch-in-Pendle, is one of central to the Pendle Hill witches story

5 creepy Lancashire Graveyards you must visit!

CHRIS NEWTON reveals the ghost stories and disturbing activities behind the creepiest Lancashire graveyards

Massacre at Dún an Óir, Ireland’s Fortress of Gold

ANN MASSEY recalls the 16th Century bloody massacre at Dún an Óir, County Kerry, Ireland
The Hand of Glory in the Whitby Museum - the only one thought to exist.

What is a Hand of Glory?

MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals the sinister mummified hand known as the Hand of Glory...

Humphrey Kynaston, Shropshire’s most infamous highwayman

PHILIP DAVIES says little know outlaw Humphrey Kynaston would give Dick Turpin a run for his money!

A monk’s curse that blighted New Ross for centuries

Guest writer TINA CALLAGHAN reveals the dark, violent past of New Ross in County Wexford, Ireland
Clopton House

Clopton House horrors and the real ‘Ophelia’

POLLYANNA JONES describes the dark history that has blackened Clopton House near Stratford-upon-Avon
King James IV of Scotland

10 Weird Things about King James IV of Scotland

Here are some strange facts about the 15th Century Scottish King James IV, from guest writer KEITH COLEMAN
Skellig Michael

Ireland’s 7 most haunted and mysterious islands

Ann Massey explores Ireland's 7 most haunted and mysterious islands
This Isle is Full of Monsters

This Isle is Full of Monsters: Jon Kaneko-James author interview

Jon Kaneko-James talks about his new book, The Isle is Full of Monsters, and how we need to relook how people thought about the supernatural in Shakespeare's times…
Janet Horne, burning witches

Janet Horne, The Burning of the Last Witch in Scotland

Janet Horne was the last witch to be executed in Scotland, KATHLEEN BRUNO looks into the facts of the case
Water Stratford Cult

The curious case of Water Stratford’s crazed cult

EDDIE BRAZIL looks at the curious case of Rev Mason and the 17th century Hippies of Water Stratford
Skirrid Mountain

The Devil, The Giant and Skirrid Mountain

CLAIRE BARRAND looks into some of the mysterious legends and folklore of the Skirrid Mountain on the English-Welsh border....
Caulbearers in Victorian times

5 Shocking Caul bearer stories from Victorian times

CLAIRE BARRAND hits the archives to discover amazing Caulbearer stories from the Victorian era!
Edinburgh facts

13 Creepy Edinburgh Facts You Didn’t Know

MJ STEEL COLLINS delves into the Scottish capital's nefarious past to dig up some creepy Edinburgh facts

13 Belfast Creepy Facts That May Shock You!

JANET QUINLIVAN tells us 13 creepy facts you may not know about her home city of Belfast.
Tyneham Ghost Village

How WW2 turned Tyneham in Dorset into a Ghost Village

GUEST writer PENNY G MORGAN explains how Tyneham in Dorset became a ghost village

County Limerick: 13 creepy facts you didn’t know

County Limerick is a place of mysticism, darkness and the devil. ANN MASSEY tells us more.
Curraghchase in County Limerick

Spooky Ireland through the lens of photographer Liam McNamara

Photographer Liam McNamara reveals his images of spooky and abandoned Ireland to ANN MASSEY
Church Pews, Ghostly Choir

Derbyshire’s Ghostly Choir and Sermon for the Dead

K.B. GODDARD reveals one Derbyshire parish's creepy custom of performing church services to empty pews full of ghosts!

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