Strange History

Weird, disturbing, wacky, horrific, nightmarish – these are all some of the many words to describe the strange history of the UK and Ireland…

Christianity and Paganism clash at Dorset’s mysterious Knowlton Henge

Knowlton Henge
RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES visits Knowlton Henge, one of Dorset's hidden spooky treasures

Murder and Mystery on Arnish Moor

Arnish Moor on the Isle of Lewis has long been haunted by tales of murder and mystery. MJ STEEL COLLINS reports.

Janet Horne, The Burning of the Last Witch in Scotland

Janet Horne, burning witches
Janet Horne was the last witch to be executed in Scotland, KATHLEEN BRUNO looks into the facts of the case

Winter’s Gibbet: Northumberland’s Strange Monument to a Murder

Winter's Gibbet is the bizarre remnant of a Northumberland murder from long ago, LEE D. MUNRO says

There's Something Mysterious about Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes
JAMES WIlLIS discusses his new book "Mysterious Milton Keynes"

Disturbing history of Dublin’s Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club on Montpelier Hill is Dublin’s ultimate hell house, writes PAUL MOYNIHAN

Where are the British vampires?

Being Human
British and Irish authors have created the world's greatest vampire literature but funnily enough, we have few homegrown bloodsucking legends of our own. Guest writer VIOLET FENN asks why.

Vampire of the Villas Victim Choked on Garlic

Demetrious Mykicura's fear of vampires lead to his death in the infamous "Vampire of the Villas" case, says PAUL ADAMS

My hobby is collecting photos of dead people

Guest writer VIOLET FENN explains why she is fascinated by the Victorian practice of post mortem photography

Who was St Rumwold, England's Baby Saint?

St Rumwold
JACOB MILNESTEIN tells us about St Rumwold - the baby saint who only lived for three days.

The Devil, The Giant and Skirrid Mountain

Skirrid Mountain
CLAIRE BARRAND looks into some of the mysterious legends and folklore of the Skirrid Mountain on the English-Welsh border....

Was a mummied cat buried in secret Pendle Hill witches’ cottage?

Witch Cottage Pendle Hill
BARRY McCann looks at 'Lancashire's Tutankhamen's Tomb' - a supposed witches' cottage near Pendle Hill that had been buried for unknown reasons...

Aleister Crowley, The Beast of Boleskine House

FRANCES ABBOT remembers moving to her new Scottish Highland home and discovering Aleister Crowley, The Beast of Boleskine House

A Railway for the Dead

Necropolis Station Waterloo
NICOLA CARPENTER looks back at the time Victorian London was overflowing with its dead and they had to build a railway to sort the problem out!

13 Belfast creepy facts that may shock you!

JANET QUINLIVAN tells us 13 creepy facts you may not know about her home city of Belfast.

The Curse of Raggedstone Hill

POLLYANNA JONES tells of a curse from long ago that still haunts the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire

Time Slips: What is it and how does it happen?

Time slips phenomenon is more common thank you think. NIA JONES finds some really strange goings-on ...

From Sirens to Nymphs – A Short History of Mermaids

Guest writer MATT WINGETT looks at the history of mermaids

Long Meg and Her Daughters

Guest writer NICKY COULBECK describes her spooky visit to the Bronze Age stone circle in Cumbria, known as "Long Meg and Her Daughters"

Ireland’s Top 10 Strangest Place Names

The Devil's Glen is in County WIcklow, Ireland.
ANN MASSEY tells us of the top 10 strangest place names in Ireland.

See St Oliver Plunkett’s Decapitated Head

Say hello to St Oliver Plunkett's Head, a religious relic which was once attached to the rest of the last Roman Catholic martyr to be executed in England

Baby Butchers: Women who killed infants for cash

Baby farming involved poor mothers giving their infants up or adoption with the hope they would find a better life. Guest writer NICOLA CARPENTER explains some of these babies found anything but a happy home ...

5 Strange Things You Didn't Know about the Great Fire of...

Great Fire of London facts
Some very odd things happened during the Great Fire of London, says JON KANEKO-JAMES

Molly Leigh, the Burslem witch, or was she?

Burslem Witch Molly Leigh
NICKI HOWELLS writes about Molly Leigh, an alleged 18th Century witch in Staffordshire

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