Strange History

Weird, disturbing, wacky, horrific, nightmarish – these are all some of the many words to describe the strange history of the UK and Ireland…

Last Sunday in August is Eyam’s Plague Sunday

Plague Sunday
SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS describes how the village of Eyam remembers the bubonic plague of 1665

Chancing your soul with the Devil

NIA JONES recounts the tale of one Welshman who unwittingly chanced his soul by playing cards with the Devil!

The Mysterious Angel of the Thames

Angel of the Thames
Angels have been seen to float about the Thames in London during times of trouble. NIA JONES reports on this mysterious phenomenon

Abergavenny Massacre leaves Welsh market town red with blood

CLAIRE BARRAND looks back at one of the bloodiest massacres in British history - the Abergavenny Massacre!

5 Strange Things You Didn't Know about the Great Fire of...

Great Fire of London facts
Some very odd things happened during the Great Fire of London, says JON KANEKO-JAMES

Molly Leigh, the Burslem witch, or was she?

Burslem Witch Molly Leigh
NICKI HOWELLS writes about Molly Leigh, an alleged 18th Century witch in Staffordshire

Ireland’s 7 most haunted and mysterious islands

Skellig Michael
Ann Massey explores Ireland's 7 most haunted and mysterious islands

Greyfriars Kirkyard, the Ultimate City of the Dead

Greyfriars Churchyard, Greyfriars Kirkyard
MJ STEEL COLLINS looks at the dark and haunted history of Edinburgh's Greyfriars Kirkyard

England’s 5 Bloodiest Royal Executions

Royal executions
STEWART KING celebrates Her Majesty's 60 years on the throne by listing his Top 5 Royal Executions

The Pig-Man Roams Cannock Chase

LEE BRICKLEY reveals the paranormal portal in Cannock Chase in Staffordshire - the home of the mysterious Pig-Man!

Curse of the Paisley Witches

A dark curse from the Paisley Witches may still hang over the heads of MJ STEEL COLLINS' hometown of Paisley

Taphephobia, The Fear of Being Buried Alive!

Premature Burials in England
Taphephobia is the fear of being buried alive, reports NICOLA CARPENTER

The Hexham Heads and the Werewolf

M J STEEL COLLINS tells the frightening tale of ancient curses and modern day werewolves in North East England

Haunted London: Stanmore HA7

We look at shocking tales from Haunted Stanmore in North West London...

Meet Humphrey Kynaston, Shropshire’s most infamous highwayman

PHILIP DAVIES says little know outlaw Humphrey Kynaston would give Dick Turpin a run for his money!

Helen Duncan, the fate of Britain’s last jailed witch

Helen Duncan
TODAY is the 55th anniversary of the death of Helen Duncan (1897-1956), the last person to be imprisoned under the British Witchcraft Act 1735.

Who was Jack O’Kent, the Welsh Doctor Faustus?

The Welsh Doctor Fautus? JON KANEKO-JAMES looks at Jack O'Kent, the Welsh sorcerer supreme

Where the Witches Dance: Nine Ladies Stone Circle

Nine Ladies Stone Circle
KATIE DOHERTY takes a look at The Nine Ladies stone circle, a magical ancient monument based in Derbyshire

Glasgow’s Bubonic Plague of 1900

Bubonic Plague terrorised Glasgow as late as 1900. MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals how the Scottish city coped with the medieval disaster... 

St Alban’s eye-popping execution: The gory death of Britain’s first saint

St Albans Execution
We look at the execution of Britain's first Christian martyr, Saint Alban, which was literally an eye-popping event!

Isobel Gowdie, Witch of Auldearn

Isobel Gowdie, Witch of Auldearn
MJ STEEL COLLINS looks at the fascinating tale of Isobel Gowdie, a Scottish woman tried for witchcraft in 1662

St John Ogilvie: The Glasgow Dockworker Who Made A Saint

St John Ogilvie
MJ STEEL COLLIN explains how the recovery of a Glasgow cancer patient led to John Ogilvie being made a saint

How the Samlesbury Witches escaped the hangman’s noose

BARRY McCANN tells us about The Samlesbury Witches from Lancashire, who unlike their Pendle counterparts, survived

All Fall Down – What was the Hollinwell Mystery?

NIA JONES tells us about the mysterious Hollinwell Incident....

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