There have been too many occasions where people have thought labelling these instances as actual demonic possessions it will do better, sell better and boost ratings. If you’re in it for that you’re in it for the wrong purpose.
Having said that, what is your take on the Ouija board?
I don’t believe the Ouija board has any power, but I feel the danger is in the fact when you put an Ouija board down or even mark your own on the ground, you are asking and allowing something to use you and channel through you. You are letting yourself be a speaker, a device to communicate. It can open a can of worms, whether something is truly happening or its psychological and that can be just as devastating.
What have your experiences and all the seasons of the show taught you?
It is important to remain true to who you are, always. When Grant, Steve and myself first agreed to do Ghost Hunters we had a written agreement, which might sound silly but was very important to us back then. We agreed that if any of us changed, then the others would walk away, forcing the show to stop. We were genuinely afraid of becoming Hollywood stereotypes and that isn’t who we were, who we are or ever wanted to be. We just wanted to keep real. Personally, I must stay grounded and be with my family, everything else can just drop away as long as I have that. I’m the kind of guy who prefers to hang on the couch with my kids than anything else.
I’m also not the kind of guy who tells you what I think you want to hear. I’m going to tell you what I think and bottom line you either accept or you don’t. If you think your house is haunted and we discover it’s not we will not appease you, I’m going to be honest. You’ll either appreciate that or hate me, but hate me for my honesty, don’t hate me because I’m dishonest, that’s the most important thing.
Being true to myself is also one of the reasons I stopped doing conventions, as I couldn’t talk to fans or people with the same interests for more than five seconds as there was always such a huge line. It was a case of shaking hands, take a picture and have a nice day and I hated that because I couldn’t connect and I was doing both myself and them an injustice. How do you have time to discuss an experience they might have had and give advice? It was disconnecting me from everything I was trying to accomplish.
So, what is next for Jason Hawes?
Currently I am doing nationally syndicated radio ‘Beyond Reality Radio’ which is accessed across the US five days a week. I’ve been offered numerous TV shows which I’ve turned down because of the amount of time required on the road. I have filmed pilots of a couple of my own creations so we will see where that all leads.
I love being home and take it one day at a time. I am still very much involved in the paranormal, I love it and I’ll be involved as long as my body allows me to be.
You can follow Jason Hawes and his paranormal adventures on Twitter @jchawes


  1. I also believe in the supernatural and very much enjoyed Ghost Hunters. What made it so enjoyable was that they often found reasonable, non-paranormal explanations for many of the events experienced by the residents. I even enjoyed the shows where they found nothing as it made the ones with unexplained phenomena even more exciting.
    I actually have stopped watching the dreck being offered currently. “Trapping” spirits, no “thump, think, creak, etc.” is ever nothing but an old house noise – it’s ALL supernatural. Pfft, whatever!
    I’m also not big on mediums, clairvoyants, empaths, etc al. I’m extremely sensitive myself and I’d never go public with it because it doesn’t work if you’re expecting it. When Jason “felt” something during his investigators, I believed it because he makes no claim to being psychic.
    Obviously, I miss the show and hope another is in the works with the investigators in full control of content and crew.

  2. It is because of this show that I no longer fear the dark or anything paranormal. The crew taught me how to “debunk” whatever I hear or experience at the moment. Now I have had experiences where I have seen: shadow people, apparitions full body or partial, sensed things, picked up feelings. I am not saying I am clairvoyant because I have no experience in it. But I am better at handling the moments a little better. I do miss the show. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I really enjoyed the show, it had more of a realistic atmosphere. There was not ‘OH MY GOD’ OR FAKENESS ABOUT THE SHOW. I have seen things with my family as a whole. We lived in a house in which we all experienced something and sometimes at the same time. Others who came to our house without any knowledge of the house would say something weird happened last night. I saw full apparitions; no smoke, shadows or anything such as that. We saw solid bodies of two large black dogs, which would not allow us out of our house for hours and we missed school because of it. We saw an elderly man more than once in solid form but disappeared into the wall at one point. In other words, I do believe in SOMETHING WHATEVER IT IS. Thanks, Ghost Hunters.

  4. I truly wish Jason and Grant and Steve would come back to t.v..
    I can’t watch any of the stupid ghost shows on t.v. now..there as bad and scripted as that Bigfoot show..or turtle man !.. I really didn’t care if they hadn’t found anything paranormal on every was the professional approach..the hunt..the debunking and explaining..and they didn’t assume were all idiots !


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