Today is the 130th anniversary of the murder of Annie Chapman, the second victim of Jack the Ripper, on 8 September 1888.

Annie Chapman, the second victim of Jack the Ripper

Ripperologist TREVOR BOND tells us all about it in the exclusive Spooky Isles video.

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TREVOR BOND was born in South London to an East End family. He has a long-held fascination with the social and criminal history of London, with a particular interest in the Victorian period. He has spoken at internationally attended conferences and events on subjects ranging from 'Jack the Ripper' to arsenic poisoning, and in 2016 he co-authored 'The A-Z of Victorian Crime'. In 2018 he launched Chronicles Tours, whose current offerings include tours focusing on riots and rebellions, dark deeds in Westminster, the London life of William Shakespeare, the history of Tower Hill, and more. For more information on Chronicles Tours, visit


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