Spooky Isles talks is joined by paranormal author, Paul Adams, to interview well-known British occultist DAVID FARRANT
This week Jon Kaneko-James was off to Wales for a family wedding, so David Saunderson was left co-hostless! Fortunately, paranormal author Paul Adams, was on hand to help David interview to legendary British occultist David Farrant.
David Farrant has been well-known to the British public for nearly 50 years for his involvement in the Highgate Vampire case. But we made Spooky Isles podcast a Highgate Vampire no-go zone, so we could focus on some of David’s other just as fascinating cases from his lifelong career as a psychic investigator.
David talks about everything from he thoughts on modern ghosthunting, paranormal television shows, the vampire case of Robin Hood in Kirklees to why he hates the word ‘ghost’.


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