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Mary Shelley and The Birth of Frankenstein

SARAH PARKIN examines how England's greatest gothic horror novel Frankenstein came to be and its affect when it was released...
Mary Shelley Frankenstein

Neglected Monsters, or Why Frankenstein was a Terrible Father

DR KAJA FRANCK marks International Women's Day by looking at Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, still politically relevant 200 years on...
John Polidori The Vampyre

John Polidori: Genesis of The Vampyre and the Byronic Hero

DR KAJA FRANCK explores how the birth of Frankenstein also involved the creation of the first English vampire novel by John Polidori
Gothic Eddie Brazil

Gothic: The Proper Setting for the Paranormal

EDDIE BRAZIL tells us why gothic landscapes and buildings are the perfect setting for a spooky film, literature and art...
Dracula's Guest

Was Dracula’s Guest a prequel to Dracula?

KAJA FRANCK ponders whether the Dracula's Guest short story was really a prequel to Dracula

Crimson Peak 2015 REVIEW

ANN O'REGAN takes a look at the latest gothic thriller from Guillermo del Toro

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