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Three Crowns Hotel, Dartmoor, and its Cavalier Ghost

The Three Crowns Hotel in Devon is a charming haunted house in Devon, the perfect place for a spooky stay, says RICK HALE

Fisherman’s Cot, home to good and evil spirits

Fisherman's Cot in Devon is haunted with spirits of unknown origin, says RICK HALE
Bell-Hotel in Winslow

Winslow’s Bell Hotel Ghost Doesn’t Know She’s Dead

The haunted Bell Hotel in Winslow, Buckinghamshire, has long been the focus on paranormal investigations, says RICK HALE
Athelhampton House

Dark ghosts, not all human, at haunted Athelhampton House

RICK HALE delves into the historical mysteries and hauntings of Athelhampton House in Dorset
Lakefield Priory Hotel Kent

Sobbing ghost disturbs guests at Larkfield Priory Hotel, Maidstone

Haunting spirits roam the halls and rooms of Larkfield Priory Hotel in Maidstone, Kent, says RICK HALE

Haunted Arnos Manor Hotel in Bristol, home to frightening spirits!

Several ghosts make themselves known to the living at Arnos Manor Hotel in Bristol, says RICK HALE

Southampton’s Dolphin Hotel guests come face-to-face with ghosts!

Six spectres are said to haunt the historic halls of the Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel, says RICK HALE

Chequers Inn haunted by ghosts of Amersham’s dark past

RICK HALE takes us back in time to discover the reasons why Chequers Inn in Amersham is hive of paranormal activity...
Flitwick Manor Hotel

Guide to Haunted Flitwick Manor, over a century of ghostly scares

Flitwick Manor, in Bedfordshire near notorious Clophill Church, is known for its own hauntings and tales of horror, says RICK HALE
Old Church House Inn

The Haunting Of The Old Church House Inn, Devon

The Old Church House Inn in Devon has experienced shocking hauntings over the years, according to RICK HALE
Pengersick Castle

Pengersick Castle, check it out for a haunted experience!

Pengersick Castle in Cornwall has a rich history of hauntings, says RICK HALE
Maids Head Hotel Norwich

Maids Head Hotel, Norwich’s most haunted

Maids Head Hotel lies in the ominously-named Tombland in the heart of Norwich, England, writes RICK HALE
While staying at Churston Court Hotel, you can enjoy the sun and surf of the beautiful Devon coastline.

Is Churston Court Hotel, Devon’s most haunted hotel?

Located in the heart of the English Riviera, Churston Court Hotel is Devon's most haunted hotel, says RICK HALE

Ghosts and Hauntings of Gisborough Hall Hotel

RICK HALE takes us on a tour of North Yorkshire's famous haunted mansion, The Gisborough Hall Hotel

Something evil stalks haunted Prideaux Place

Several ghosts and something evil stalks Padstow, Cornwall's Prideaux Place, says RICK HALE

Dalston Hall Hotel: A Haunted Ghost Guide

Dalston Hall Hotel in Carlisle, may just be the Lakes District's most haunted hotel, says RICK HALE
Coombe Abbey Hotel

Phantoms haunt the cursed Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry

Angry spirits and a deadly curse haunt Coventry's Coombe Abbey Hotel, says RICK HALE
The Dolphin, in Littlehampton West Sussex

Child ghosts uncovered at Dolphin Hotel, Littlehampton

Irish Paranormal Investigators heads to West Sussex in England to investigate The Dolphin Hotel, writes ANN MASSEY

Lord Crewe Arms Hotel: Beware its classic ghostly Monk haunting!

Two spirits haunt the unique Lord Crewe Arms Hotel in Blanchard, Northumberland, says RICK HALE
Prince Rupert Hotel

Prince Rupert Hotel’s ancient paranormal horrors keep you up at night!

Shrewsbury's Prince Rupert Hotel is home to several tragic spirits who can never find rest, says RICK HALE

Bestwood Lodge Hotel, one of Nottingham’s most haunted houses

Bestwood Lodge Hotel, a Victorian-era mansion in Robin Hood country, is haunted by the ghost of a King's mistress, and the curious scent of oranges, says RICK HALE
Britannia Adelphi Hotel

Britannia Adelphi Hotel: Liverpool’s most haunted place to stay!

The Britannia Adelphi Hotel is Liverpool's most haunted place to stay, says RICK HALE

Tragic ghosts haunt MacDonald Bear Hotel in Woodstock

According to local ghost hunters, two tragic ghosts haunt the charming MacDonald Bear Hotel in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, says RICK HALE
Step back in time by visiting the Madeley Court Hotel...

Madeley Court Hotel: A Haunted Step Back in Time

Dark spirits and ghosts from its ecclesiastical past haunt the Mercure Madeley Court Hotel in Telford, Shropshire, says RICK HALE

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