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Barbara Shelley stakes her place in British Horror History

Barbara Shelley, one of Hammer's leading ladies, has had a impressive career, says RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES

Ingrid Pitt, Hammer Vamp who enticed a generation

Ingrid Pitt, Hammer Glamour
Ingrid Pitt had a wide and varied career, writes RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES in his profile of the Hammer Glamour icon

Michael Gough, essential player in UK horror boom

Michael Gough in Dracula
RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks back on the life of horror film legend and Hammer stalwart Michael Gough

Michael Ripper, a Hammer Horror mainstay

Michael Ripper, Taste the Blood of Dracula
Michael Ripper appeared in more Hammer Horror films than anyone else. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES profiles his stellar career.

Basil Rathbone, Spooky Star Profile

Profile of Horror Star, Basil Rathbone


The Seven Stages of a Poltergeist Haunting: Evelyn Hollow

Seven Stages of Poltergeist Haunting
Poltergeist hauntings come in stages, explains guest writer EVELYN HOLLOW, paranormal researcher from the BBC's Battersea Poltergeist podcast in this guest post for the Spooky Isles

New Forest: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

New Forest Postcard
PETER LEWIS looks at some of the haunted places in the New Forest in the south of England

5 Fairies You Might Spot in Scotland

Scottish fairies
Scottish fairies aren't always friendly, warns guest writer KIERAN MacRAE, of the Generally Spooky Podcast

Shadows (S1, E6) Dutch Schlitz’s Shoes REVIEW

Russell Hunter (as Mr. Stabs) and Kenneth Caswell (as Luko) in Sahdows: Dutch Schlitz's Shoes (1975)
An evil magician gets an unwelcome surprise when he steals a dead gangster’s footwear. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES on...

Britain’s 5 Strangest New Year’s Traditions and Superstitions

Happy New Year
CHRISTINE MILLER tells us some of Britain's strangest New Year's Traditions and Superstitions...