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Munster is one of the four Irish provinces and is located in the southwest of Ireland. It is known for its rolling hills, stunning coastline, and rich cultural heritage.

Munster articles on Spooky Isles


St Wilgefortis crucified because she grew a beard!

St Wilgefortis
JACOB MILNESTEIN explores the sad fate of St Wilgefortis, the woman who grew a beard and was crucified for it

W.B. Yeats, poet and paranormalist

W B Yeats
W.B. Yeats was fascinated by the paranormal. PAUL MOYNIHAN takes a look at the legendary Irish poet’s dabblings in the darker side...

David Farrant interview with Spooky Isles AUDIO JULY 2014

Spooky Isles was joined by Paul Adams to interview Paranormal researcher and well-known British occultist David Farrant in July 2014.

11 Terrifying Glasgow Subway Hauntings

Glasgow haunted underground
MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals terrifying tales of the Glasgow subway train system that will give you the creeps

Suicides and Burials: Sacrilege in Days Gone By

DEBORAH CONTESSA debunks the common misconception that murderers and people who had committed suicide could never buried in consecrated ground...
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