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The Dustman’s Ghost still gives us a shudder

The dustman's ghost
Paranormal researcher PATSY SORENTI recalls the haunting goings on in her childhood home in Brentford, London

Creepy real life ghost experiences by Spooky Isles writers and readers

Spooky Isles editors and writers reveal their own real life ghost sighting experiences...

My Ghost Experience: Provand’s Lordship, Glasgow

While being shown around Glasgow's oldest house by M J Steel Collins, Australian Kim had an unexpected encounter with a Glaswegian from an earlier era...

I saw a ghost in a haunted Newcastle upon Tyne social...

NORMAN DUNBAR tells how he saw a ghost in a haunted Newcastle upon Tyne social club in the 1990s

The Case of the Haunted Piano of Hanwell, London

PATSY SORENTI tells of a haunted piano from 1968 in Hanwell, West London

Hunted by Unknown Forces at Chislehurst Caves

DARREN J. POWELL reveals the night he was chased by strange forces near the Chislehurst Caves

My Ghost Experience: "Stop That, Lille!"

MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals her family experiences with the ghost of her great-grandmother in Barrhead, Renfrewshire

The Grey Lady of Whitby, my ghost experience

Haunted Whitby Abbey
ROB LUPINE remembers some spooky goings-on during his childhood in the Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby


The Church Grim: Guide or Ghoul?

Black Dogs, or Church Grims, in graveyards may be a protector, or force for good, rather an evil spirit, says HELEN JR BRUCE

Dave Allen: Never Let the Truth Get in the Way of a Good (Ghost) Story

Dave Allen tells a ghost story
Guest writer STEVIE MILLER takes us back to the days Irish comedian Dave Allen got us hooked on his hilarious ghost stories...

Carew Castle: Horrors Lurk Within Its Haunted Walls

Ancient horrors, including lost love and a ghost ape, haunt the ruins of Carew Castle in Pembrokeshire, says RICK HALE

The Other Bram Stoker, a man of many talents

ANDREW GARVEY looks at Bram Stoker's non-Dracula writing activities

The Haunted House of Horror 1969 REVIEW

NIA JONES reviews the epitome of 1960s horror hipness, The Haunted House of Horror 1969