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Two Doctors and the Human Candle: A Case of Spontaneous Human Combustion?

DR FIONA-JANE BROWN looks at a strange case of a woman mysteriously burning to death in Aberdeen, Scotland... was it Spontaneous Human Combustion?
What is a caulbearer

What is a Caulbearer and why is it spooky?

The legendary Caulbearer still has the power to provoke superstition and wonder, says JAMES WILLIS

Who are the Black Eyed Children?

NIA JONES tells us about the frightening and debated urban myth concerning the black eyed children
Spontaneous Human Combustion

Is Spontaneous Human Combustion Real?

NIA JONES tells us about a frightening phenomena named Spontaneous Human Combustion...

Eilean Mor’s Empty Lighthouse Mystery

EDDIE BRAZIL tells the spooky tale of how Eilean Mor's lighthouse keepers vanished without a trace
Who is Gef the Talking Mongoose

Who was Gef the Talking Mongoose?

Gef the Talking Mongoose is one of the strangest tales every to come out of the Isle of Man, says NIA JONES
Milton Keynes

There’s Something Mysterious about Milton Keynes

JAMES WIlLIS discusses his new book "Mysterious Milton Keynes"

The Night Reg Presley told me about Crop Circles and Alien Moonshine

DARREN CHADWICK-HUSSEIN on the night he learned first-hand about Troggs frontman Reg Presley's passion for Crop Circles

Time Slips: What Is It and How Does It Happen?

Time slips phenomenon is more common thank you think. NIA JONES finds some really strange goings-on ...

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