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Paranormal Research is the study of ghosts and hauntings and similar supernatural activities.

Seven Stages of Poltergeist Haunting

The Seven Stages of a Poltergeist Haunting: Evelyn Hollow

Poltergeist hauntings come in stages, explains guest writer EVELYN HOLLOW, paranormal researcher from the BBC's Battersea Poltergeist podcast in this guest post for the Spooky Isles

Poltergeist! by John Fraser BOOK REVIEW

Veteran paranormal researcher John Fraser's latest book Poltergeist! explores this most controversial type of hauntings. Guest writer BETH DARLINGTON reviews the book.

The Stone Tape TV REVIEW

The legacy of The Stone Tape, a classic 1970s BBC supernatural thriller by Nigel Kneale, continues to be felt, says MATTHEW E BANKS
cheap ghost hunting tips

6 cheap and easy Ghost Hunting Techniques that won’t break the bank

You don’t need money to hunt ghosts. Try these fun ways of detecting whether your home is haunted, as used by RICK HALE
Spike Island

Visit Spike Island, Ireland’s most haunted place for chills and thrills

ANN MASSEY visits Spike Island in Cobh, County Cork, to discover one of Ireland's most haunted and eeriest landmarks
Ouija Board

7 times Ouija Board experiences went bad

Guest writer HERMAN DAVIS discovers that Ouija boards - tools for talking to the dead - aren't for the faint hearted...
Steve Parsons

How I became a ghost hunter, Steve Parsons reveals

Liverpool-based guest writer STEVE PARSONS tells us why he's proud to call himself a ghost hunter
Leap Castle, an enigma even for the most experienced paranormal investigator...

Leap Castle: All you need to know about Ireland’s most haunted place!

Is Leap Castle Ireland's most haunted location? Natalie Fowler Phelan finds out!
Can cats see ghosts

Felines and phantoms: Can Cats see Ghosts?

CLAIRE BARRAND asks the big question – can cats see ghosts?
Paranormal historical research

Paranormal investigators should use historical documents to verify hauntings, says Mike Covell

MIKE COVELL explains how he used historical research to debunk claims behind a prominent haunting in Hull, East Yorkshire
39 De Grey Street

39 De Grey Street, Hull’s haunted house of horrors

RICK HALE looks at 39 De Grey Street, a haunted hostel in Hull that he describes as having 'non-stop paranormal action!'
paranormal research

Paranormal research is not about science, it's talking to people

KATE VON DIERK from Paranormal Exeter wonders if paranormal research and science can be used in the same sentence...
photograph an orb

Never trust ‘Orbs’ taken on your smartphone: Experiments you can try at home

MICKEY GOCOOL goes full Paranormal Blue Peter with these experiments to capture fake spirit orbs
Paranormal photography

Paranormal photography tips and tricks to take a snapshot of a ghost

Guest writer KATE VON DIERK discusses her development as a paranormal photographer and how you can do it too!

Choosing the best paranormal team to investigate your haunted home

Got ghosts? MICKEY GOCOOL provides advice on how to ensure you pick the best paranormal team possible to investigate your haunting...
Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

Ancient Ram Inn Gloucestershire: Why so many ghosts?

The Ancient Ram Inn Gloucestershire is one of the UK's most haunted places. DARREN SARSFIELD visits to discover its ghostly secrets...
types of ghosts

8 types of ghosts you might encounter on a ghost hunt

MJ STEEL COLLINS has gone back to the classics to discover master ghost hunter Peter Underwood's thoughts on types of ghosts!

Does Liverpool nightclub CCTV footage reveal supernatural activity?

DONNA CUTTRESS investigates recently released footage of supernatural activity in a Liverpool nightclub...
Haunted Bodelwyddan Castle

Old school Victorian ghost hunting techniques reveal mystery at Haunted Bodelwyddan Castle

Guest writer DARREN SARSFIELD reveals the mysterious results of Manchester Paranormal's recent investigation of haunted Bodelwyddan Castle in North Wales...

What makes a great ghost hunt location?

DAVID SAUNDERSON lists five ways to recognise a great ghost hunt location to explore the supernatural!
Scottish Ghosthunting

My 5 Top Scottish Ghosthunting Spots

DAVID BARRETT shares his top five locations to visit in search of ghostly activity in Scotland

Borley Rectory film, an animated ghostly delight, say paranormal experts

Borley Rectory haunting experts PAUL ADAMS and EDDIE BRAZIL cast their eyes over Borley Rectory film, a new animated documentary
Jason Hawes TAPS

Jason Hawes talks Irish hauntings and paranormal reality TV

Ghost Hunters' TV star Jason Hawes tells Spooky Isles's ANN MASSEY about his time in Ireland and bringing paranormal research to television
ghost hunter qualities

Five Qualities of a Great Ghost Hunter: How to become a top paranormal researcher

DAVID SAUNDESON talks about the five qualities that make a great ghost hunter.

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