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bee superstition

Bee superstition: A matter of life and death

Bees are part of life in the British Isles, and part of darkness and death. GAYLE FIDLER tells local bee superstition.

Fire-gazing folklore: A guide seeing through the flames

CLAIRE BARRAND tells us about the folklore of fire-gazing

Britain’s strangest food-related superstitions

CLAIRE BARRAND discusses folklore in the kitchen and the rules we must follow to ensure we don't have back luck!
May Day Rituals

Beltane in Wales: How to Celebrate Welsh May Day

CLAIRE BARRAND explains the superstitions and customs of Beltane in Wales, the Gaelic May Day festival...

Spiders Superstition: A shocking web of omens and beliefs

There's a web of beliefs spun surrounding spiders superstition, says RHEA SEREN PHILLIPS
Friday the 13th

13 Creepy Welsh Superstitions for Friday the 13th

CLAIRE BARRAND tells us about Friday the 13th superstitions from Wales...
black cat superstition

Black Cats and Superstition: 13 things you didn’t know about

ANN MASSEY reveals some strange and wonderful superstitions surrounding black cats through the centuries...
irish superstitions

13 Irish superstitions you need to know!

ANN MASSEY tells us of 13 Irish superstitions we should be aware of - just in case!
Welsh funeral

How the Welsh bury their dead: Superstitions and death in Wales

CLAIRE BARRAND tells us how to bury your dead in Wales and the superstitions and rituals that remain today.

What happened on Friday the 13th July, 1894?

Friday the 13th July 1894 was a miserably unlucky day, reports ANDREW GARVEY
Welsh Changeling

Changelings Fairies, The Darker Side of Irish Fairy Lore

ANN MASSEY gives us some tips on protecting our infants from being swapped for Changelings!

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