Woburn House: Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts (S1, E1) REVIEW


CHRISTINE MILLER takes a look at Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunt’s Woburn House episode

Andy, Marion and their team are at Woburn House for the very first episode of Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts.

Now a training college for the PSNI, the stunning Georgian property known as Woburn House was once a borstal and is alleged to be haunted by a murderer.

One chilling story surrounds a staff member who was on a break when they suddenly felt ice cold on what was a warm summer’s evening. When the staff member tried to stand up, he had the feeling of being tightly held around the waist by an unseen force.

Terrified, he attempted to shout for his colleagues, but then a hand covered his mouth to silence him. Wrestling with this unseen force, the man fell to his knees and managed to escape. Incredibly after that, the staff member still works at Woburn. 

Could this have been the ghost of the butler, who was alleged to have gotten one of the maids pregnant, then murdered her and threw her into the sea, and proceeded to hang himself in the Tower Room in Woburn? 

Andy feels a very strong sense of energy though the entirety of the building. 

The paranormal team want to focus their investigations in the tower room and so, using a frequency sweep, the group ask out for a name and a message to see if they can make contact, and do find an increase in hertz, which they find difficult to explain.

Resident psychic, Marion Goodfellow is the last of the group to gather at Woburn House. From the outside of the house, Marion picks up on the spirit of a young woman of around 23 years old, who tells Marion she is “in the well”, which is situated under the main dining room in the building and beside a tunnel. The location of the well and the tunnel is verified as being correct by a member of staff. It is also confirmed that the tunnel runs under the house and out to the beach which from there is where the young woman’s body was said to have been thrown into the sea. 

Looking at Census records from 1901, Andy find one Robert Barclay, 50 years old, occupation – butler, although they cannot definitively confirm that this Barclay is associated with Woburn House. 

Next, the team discover there is movement on one of the cameras that was set up prior to the start of the investigation, as well as what appears to be a shadow move across a bible, which is being used as a trigger object. Eerily, there is the faint sound of footsteps heard also. 

Woburn House is the Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts team’s first investigation

Marion attempts to make contact with any spirits willing to participate and she again senses the young lady. Although there is no audible response, the team pick up surges in electronic frequency on their computers after each question Marion is asking the spirit. After further analysis of this electronic frequencies, the team believe they have received some distinct EVP. 

Interestingly, and after discounting dust or flying insects, the team discover they have pick up on a rather distinct orb in the tower room on one camera, where the butler met his fate.  

The following morning, Marion attempts again to communicate with the maid outside, where she first made contact with her. Marion picks up on her name being “Ann”, and Ann explains to Marion that she did not meet her fate at the hands of an employee of the house. The baby’s father murdered her, but this was not the butler. Ann is aware of the butler, and does not like him, but he she is clear that he had no hand in her murder. 

Legend, it seems, has made a convenient scapegoat out of an innocent man.   

Have you seen this Woburn House episode of Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!   


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