5 Haunted Places to Visit in Glasgow


Guest writer ROSIE McCLUNE says Glasgow is no mean city when it comes to hauntings and paranormal events. 

Scotland is well known as one of the most haunted countries on earth. The City of Glasgow is no exception. Situated on the River Clyde, Glasgow has slowly grown over the centuries from a humble fishing village into the Second City of the Empire. It is now, a bustling, contemporary, metropolitan city. It is a town which is well known for shipbuilding, “passionate” citizens and deep fried Mars Bars suppers. Being a city so rich in history and retaining many of its original ancient buildings, of course there are going to be many tales of the spooky and paranormal, wherever you go. Here are some of the most popular.

Author: The Spooky Isles

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  1. My auntie worked in western infirmary and has explained this story to me. She mentioned about the light in a room she was working in being turned off and then smelling a smoke smell like a pipe which very might be mistaken for a cigar. She was cleaning the room where the doctor hung him self

  2. “It is now, a bustling, contemporary, metropolitan city. It is a town which is well known for..”

    How does this even make sense? And Glasgow’s not a town no matter what the Americans think.

  3. I said hello to an old woman on a stool just inside the “oldest house in Glasgow” (near the cathedral and churchyard) but she didn’t answer me or even look up. I thought she was just one of the greyhaired grannies who watches you in museums so you won’t damage anything. The light came in from the window and fell on her back so she looked grey all over, it was a sunny day. When I looked back at the door before I went to the next room in the house she was gone. I found out later on the ‘net that others had seen her but they had seen her floating around upstairs. She was referred to as a “grey lady” and I found out they are considered good luck.

  4. One of the stories which always sticks out for me is the ‘ghost of dalmarnock bridge’ near glasgow, google it, it’s a good story.

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