About Spooky Isles

Spooky Isles is the UK and Ireland’s leading independent horror and paranormal online magazine. We're dedicated to all the dark history, horror, folklore and mysterious phenomena our islands have to offer. And if that wasn’t enough, we also bring you the best of British and Irish horror film, TV, music and literature. Since 2011, our committed team of researchers and writers have been finding spooky gems to chill you and thrill you. Welcome to Spooky Isles, we’ve been expecting you!

Meet Our Editorial Team

David Saunderson

Founder & Editor

London-based David is a life long horror fan and paranormal explorer, with over 25 years experience as a journalist and communications professional. So in 2011 he decided to start The Spooky Isles as a way to bring it all together! Known for his dedicated support and promotion of the paranormal field and dark history industry, David makes sure no stone is left unturned to bring you the very best of both!

Ann Massey

Deputy Editor and Ireland Editor

Ann is a paranormal investigator, folklore expert, guest speaker and author who has a worldwide following in her work covering both the paranormal and folklore fields. Residing in the south west of Ireland, she has spent a lot of time exploring both sides of the Irish Sea to bring you spooky interviews, reviews, locations and experiences for your enjoyment.

Richard Phillips-Jones

Deputy Editor and Film & TV Editor

Richard is our very own encyclopaedia of horror films and terrifying TV shows, as well as a walking jukebox of folk-horror inspired music and soundtracks. His extensive knowledge and understanding of the genre is second to none. He lives near the Dorset Coast.

Christine Miller

Scotland Editor

Christine spends her spare time visiting various haunted locations within the UK and Ireland. She lives in the West of Scotland.

Meet Our Contibutors

About Spooky Isles 1
Adam Scovell is a writer and filmmaker currently studying for a PhD in Music at the University of Liverpool. He has written for The Times and The Guardian, had films screened at Manchester Art Gallery, FACT and The Everyman Playhouse, and runs the twice Blog North Awards nominated website, Celluloid Wicker Man.
About Spooky Isles 2
Amy Van De Casteele is a well-travelled young freelance content writer with a keen interest in all things paranormal, supernatural and mythological. She is currently amassing an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of all things related to fairy-stories and fairy folklore, but you can also find her pondering the intricacies of Tolkien's fictional teleology or following the legendary trail of the Green Man and Black Shuck.
About Spooky Isles 3
ANDREW GARVEY is the Spooky Isles’ Deputy Editor (Books). He writes horror fiction and non-fiction and will never be able to read all the books he owns.
About Spooky Isles 4
ANDREW HOMER has written two books on hauntings in both the Black Country and Shropshire. Andrew has investigated reported anomalous phenomena in just about every type of location including castles, stately homes, private houses and haunted hostelries. Discover Andrew’s books and Android phone app on his website at www.andrewhomer.co.uk
About Spooky Isles 5
Andy Chaplin is a natural psychic intuitive since birth. Throughout his life, his encounters with the paranormal led him into greater awareness, development and spiritual knowledge. Numerous stage performances, psychic fayres, clairvoyant nights, Spiritualist meetings and live audience haunted events are all activities he has been involved with over the years. He is available for private and group bookings, Spiritualist churches, corporate events, workshops, demonstrations and evenings of clairvoyance – contact via the Tuned In Events Group page on Facebook.
About Spooky Isles 6
ANN MASSEY is The Spooky Isles’ Ireland editor. She is an Irish folklore expert, Irish folklore and monster consultant for Wayward comic, a writer of horror fiction inspired by folklore and ghosts and has her own successful blog Dark Emerald Tales. Living in the west of Ireland, she is a paranormal enthusiast and loves to explore and research the dark and supernatural histories of Ireland’s spookiest places and local folklore tales.
About Spooky Isles 7
BARRY McCANN is a writer, speaker, performer and broadcaster. He regularly writes short stories for the Lancashire Evening Post and was recently included in the anthology His Red Eyes Again, published by The Dracula Society (and available on Amazon.) He regularly appears on BBC Radio Lancashire and is the Folklore Correspondent on BBC Radio Cumbria. He has also hosted two Ingrid Pitt - Queen of Horror Festivals in Hastings, having previously worked for the legendary actress as her researcher.
About Spooky Isles 8
BECKY KEANE is a married, full-time mother to two young children. Becky is a fully-qualified child care practitioner, and hopes to return to work soon. Having had paranormal experiences since being a young child she has developed a keen interest in anything paranormal. From Bolton, Greater Manchester, she and her family have travelled to several haunted locations. The biggest hobby Becky has is reading Stephen King and collecting his books.
About Spooky Isles 9
CALLUM CAMPBELL is a determined writer who lives in Blantyre, Scotland, and enjoys reading, writing about the supernatural, weightlifting and cycling. 
About Spooky Isles 11
CHARLES E. BUTLER is the author of The Romance of Dracula and Vampires Everywhere: The Rise of the Movie UnDead.
About Spooky Isles 12
CHRIS NEWTON is the singer and lyricist of the Blackpool-based punk band Dischord, renowned in the UK scene for their elaborate albums and energetic live performances. His writing credits include black comedy novels ‘Life Begins at 40’ and its sequel ‘Behind The Sofa’, co-written with Mark Charlesworth. His ghost story ‘Grim’ was featured in The Crowvus Christmas Spirit anthology.
About Spooky Isles 13
Chris Rush is an international bestselling Irish Horror Writer and Lead Paranormal Investigator with PRI from County Wicklow. He loves all things horror, gory folklore and the Supernatural - the darker the better!
About Spooky Isles 14
CHRISTINE MILLER is the Scotland Editor (Deputy Editor) of Spooky Isles. Based in the West of Scotland, she spends her spare time visiting various haunted locations within the UK and Ireland.
About Spooky Isles 15
Claire Barrand is a paranormal researcher and author of “Dead Haunted”, a collection of short stories featuring real life events from gothic Victorian Wales. Claire is a regular guest on radios shows and featured in the Skirrid Inn episode of series one of Help my House is Haunted. She is a guest speaker at several UK Paracons including Sage Paracon 2019.
About Spooky Isles 16
DACRE STOKER is the great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker and the best-selling co-author of Dracula the Un-Dead (Dutton, 2009), the official Stoker family-endorsed sequel to Dracula. Dacre is also the co-editor (with Elizabeth Miller) of The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker: The Dublin Years (Robson Press, 2012).
About Spooky Isles 17
British horror fanatic Darren is a writer, script editor and producer whose work has been seen worldwide. His first web series, The Bloody Mary Show, has had over two million views and has won numerous awards. A former programmer for The Philadelphia Film Society’s biannual film festivals, he frequently judges Raindance’s Live Ammunition events and is a regular contributor to numerous websites. Bloody Mary Show won Best Comedy Web Series at the Indie Soap Awards 2013.
About Spooky Isles 18
Darren J. Powell aka Demondaz is a London & Essex-based Male Model gracing the covers of a few Vampire Genre novels and occasionally suffers the indignity of having to go inside publications! Also a sometime event promoter, DJ and performer. He recently launched London Vampire Magazine.
About Spooky Isles 19
David Barrett has been a Scottish Paranormal Investigator for almost 20 years. He has investigated all over Scotland and England, as well as Leap Castle in Ireland and Bran Castle in Romania. Although he can’t hear or see spirits, he uses Instrumental Trans-Communication devices to attempt to communicate with spirits. He is part of a team with his good friend Ian Ainsley, a Demonologist from Birmingham.
About Spooky Isles 20
DAVID SAUNDERSON is the founder and managing editor of The Spooky Isles.
About Spooky Isles 21
David Senior is a writer and photographer who lives in Norwich, England. He runs the website ‘EastScapes: The Abandoned, the Curious, and the Forgotten in East Anglia' at eastscapes.blogspot.co.uk, a base for images and writings about East Anglian folklore, (psycho)geography, and forgotten histories. His first novel is The Sinners of Crowsmere.
About Spooky Isles 22
DEBORAH CONTESSA is a dilettante historian with a particular interest in all things dark and haunting, creepy and macabre. A taphophile tourist, graveyard detective, cemetery tour guide, guest speaker, paranormal enthusiast, writer, artist and blogger. She is based in Blackpool, Lancashire and prefers her stories, ghosts and legends to have a local flavour.
About Spooky Isles 23
DOM COOPER is a London graphic designer, who resides with a black cat familiar. As a designer he has created book covers for Doctor Who and record covers on British Wyrd Folk. He is also a musician and singer who's current path is modular synthesis and tape experimentation. His past bands have included The Owl Service, The Straw Bear Band and Bare Bones. He has a deep interest in culture and history, and likes to write about them. His website is www.domcooper.com
About Spooky Isles 24
EDDIE BRAZIL is a writer, photographer and paranormal investigator. He has written numerous books about the paranormal, including The Borley Rectory Companion, Shadows in the Nave: A Guide to the Haunted Churches of England and Extreme Hauntings. Eddie lives with his wife and Daughter in Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire.
About Spooky Isles 26
EMMA DARK is an award-winning filmmaker specialising in the Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres.
About Spooky Isles 27
Dr Fiona-Jane Brown is an Aberdeen-based academic, author, tour guide and event promoter. Her interest in the supernatural stems from her doctoral research into beliefs and traditions in Scottish fishing communities, and as a tour guide in Aberdeen features many local spooky stories in her walks. Her tours are available from www. hiddenaberdeen.co.uk
About Spooky Isles 28
GAYLE FIDLER is born and bred in the North East of England, and has spent most of her life seeking out the stranger things in life. Gayle has a lifelong interest in the paranormal and the occult. She also writes fiction, usually with a dark twist. Besides writing and researching mysterious things, Gayle also collects bad taxidermy. She is a SFX make-up artist with a special interest in zombies and is also training to be a Viking blacksmith.
About Spooky Isles 29
GREGOR STEWART first became interested in the paranormal when his parents took out a subscription for him in 1980 for a magazine entitled 'The Unexplained'. Since then he has read numerous books on the subject, visited many reported haunted sites and has conducted several investigations.
About Spooky Isles 30
Howard Jackson is a Liverpool-based author, who runs Red Rattle Books, an Independent publishing company, specialising in crime and horror. Some of Red Rattle's titles include Treat Me Nice Elvis, Frankenstein Galvanized, Mortal Shuffle and Spooky Isles' horror anthologies, Dracula's Midnight Snacks and Zombie Bites.
About Spooky Isles 32
Janet Quinlivan is a Paranormal Investigator with County Antrim Paranormal Research Association, a dark history and paranormal enthusiast and an avid fan of horror.
About Spooky Isles 33
JAY HOLLIS is a paranormal researcher, amateur historian and musician. He was born in the London Borough of Enfield and lived there for over 30 years before moving to Hertfordshire where he now lives with his wife and children. His lifelong interest in the supernatural led him to write about Enfield’s ghosts and Haunted Enfield, his first book, brings together for the first time all of the stories, legends and documented evidence of the supernatural from around the Borough into one volume.
About Spooky Isles 34
Jon Kaneko-James is a London-based writer, with a particular interest in the history of magic and the medieval church. He works as a tour guide at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and maintains his own small guiding company called Boo Tours.
About Spooky Isles 35
Jon Rees is a Swansea-based Ripperologist, writer and speaker.
About Spooky Isles 36
Josie Palmer has spent most of her life fascinated by vampires and the supernatural. When she isn't reading or writing about the undead (or just plain dead), she likes nothing better than to spend time on the beach. She lives in deepest darkest Norfolk with a growing taxidermy collection and a random assortment of living animals and other humans. Her blog www.thetivoligardens.com
About Spooky Isles 37
Kai Roberts is a folklore and forteana junkie with a particular interest in the South Pennines and the old West Yorkshire Riding. He has written several books on regional folklore. He maintains a personal blog at http://kairoberts.wordpress.com and records the folkloric traditions of the Lower Calder Valley at http://lowercalderlegends.wordpress.com
About Spooky Isles 38
Kaja Franck has a PhD in lycanthropic literature. She loves vampires (even ones that sparkle), werewolves, dark fairies and is somewhat reticent about zombies. In her spare time she enjoys reading YA novels, eating fish-finger sandwiches and playing with her spinning wheel.
About Spooky Isles 39
KATE CHERRELL is a PhD candidate at the University of Lincoln specialising in Gothic Literature and Victorian Mediumship. From this, her research has expanded through to 19th death care, celebration and mourning practice. She is also a collector of Victorian death and memorial artefacts and talks widely on these subjects. She holds a keen interest in cemeteries, memorials and supernatural folklore which she explores within her blog www.burialsandbeyond.com. You can also follow her Facebook page.
About Spooky Isles 40
KATE VON DIERK is the lead investigator and equipment technician for Exeter Paranormal.
About Spooky Isles 41
Katie Doherty is a blogger and writer currently living in London. Check out her website at blacksundaymagazine.net
About Spooky Isles 42
KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS is a freelance writer and entertainer based in South Wales. She has been published in several anthologies, and specialises mostly in comedy/horror. She has had two theatre plays staged, and is working on that pesky first novel. She likes cheese, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the writing. Her blog is kayofthedead.wordpress.com
About Spooky Isles 43
K.B. GODDARD is a Derbyshire-based writer specialising in mock-Victorian ghost stories. She has released short story collections, and her first novella "The Girl With The Roses" came out in 2017. She loves history, mythology, folklore, Sherlock Holmes and old ghost stories. Not necessarily in that order.
About Spooky Isles 44
Kerry Greenaway co-hosts the Dark Mirror Show and The Parasearch UK Radio show on Paramania as well as her own radio show The Spirit Dimension. Kerry has a passion for crystals, minerals and the paranormal, which led her in to starting her own business, Spirit & Soul Island, allowing her to work in both the spiritual and paranormal field.
About Spooky Isles 45
A native of Newcastle, LEE D. MUNRO has has a deep interest in researching and writing about anomalous experiences and phenomena. As a member of Otherworld North East Research Society he is also actively involved with investigating in Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and County Durham.
About Spooky Isles 46
L.H. DAVIES ia a young writer from Grimsby, Humberside. Now living in South Shields she enjoys writing all things paranormal/supernatural, and also dabbles in epic fantasy, music reviews and interviews.
About Spooky Isles 47
DR MARK FRYERS is a Norfolk-based lecturer in film and television, who specialises in British media history. He has written and presented on many aspects of gothic and supernatural culture and has a special interest in the gothic maritime, and the maritime sphere's connection to British national identity.
About Spooky Isles 48
MATTHEW E BANKS is a graduate of University of Plymouth. He lives in Cornwall with his wife Sam. Matthew’s main fields of interest are the supernatural in all its manifestations, horror film history and the ghost story genre.
About Spooky Isles 49
MATTHEW ROBINSON is the creator and host of the podcast Ghoul Britannia, a twisted tour of British lore. Based at Ghoul HQ, in rural Wiltshire, Matthew is an eager student of local history and folklore, with a particular love of ghost stories and comically-large mugs of tea.
About Spooky Isles 50
Matt Wingett is a Portsmouth-based novelist and playwright. Check out his website www.lifeisamazing.co.uk
About Spooky Isles 51
Michael S. Collins, who lives in Glasgow, is the editor of Other Side Books. A former Fortean Times book reviewer, Michael was editor of The 40p website, as well as two editions of The Christmas Book of Ghosts. His horror fiction can be found in magazines such as Diabolic Tales and Stupefying Stories, among many others. He has no pet dragons. Honest.
About Spooky Isles 52
MICKEY GOCOOL is the founder of North London Paranormal Investigations, which is very active in and around the London area, researching reports of ghosts, hauntings and other phenomena.
About Spooky Isles 53
Mike Covell is a local historian and author based in Kingston upon Hull. He has appeared on Most Haunted, Most Haunted Live, and Paranormal Lockdown, as well as documentaries, podcasts, blogs, magazines, radio shows, news shows, and in numerous newspapers. He currently writes for Haunted Magazine, Outer Limits Magazine, The Hull Daily Mail, and The Grimsby Gazette.
About Spooky Isles 54
MJ Steel Collins is an independent publisher and writer based in Glasgow. She owns the small press Beul Aithris Publishing and is Spooky Isles Deputy Editor for Scotland.
About Spooky Isles 55
Both a writer and an avid fan of weird horror and inventive fantasy, MONA HERB BOUGHTON has spent the past five years honing her craft in prose, reviews, and articles alike. No matter what she writes though, her work will usually contain bizarre creatures, the undead, or very strange people – in fact, she’s currently working on a story about vampires and birds being as unglamorous as possible. Not satisfied with just a first-level degree Bachelor of Arts, she is now currently studying a Master’s degree in creative writing.
About Spooky Isles 56
NIA JONES is a playwright and writer who has written for many different publications including The Guardian Community Film Blog, The New Empress Magazine, The Best You.co, Inside Media Track and TopTenFilms.
About Spooky Isles 58
My name is Patsy Sorenti. I am a serving medium of several Spiritualist churches and together with my husband I undertake paranormal investigations and local ‘ghost walks’. I am an author, specialising in local history and especially with regards to ghosts and legends. I have degrees in English and History from Brunel University and a professional qualification in accountancy and earth sciences from Kingston. I give talks on ghosts and legends to local history societies and have written a thesis on the music of Buddy Holly. I have a son and two grandchildren.
About Spooky Isles 59
PAUL MOYNIHAN is Spooky Isles' correspondent for Ireland.
About Spooky Isles 60
Paul Adams is a Luton-based paranormal historian, writer and publisher.
About Spooky Isles 61
An expert on the life and career of Vincent Price, Peter Fuller recently won Best Blog at the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards for The Vincent Price Journal: My First Trip Abroad, which reproduced a 17-year-old Vincent Price’s 1928 travel journal. When Peter’s not blogging about his hero on his The Sound of Vincent Price website, he reviews cult movies, books and TV shows on his Kultguy’s Keep blog and works as a writer and sub-editor for some of the UK’s leading TV listings magazines.
About Spooky Isles 62
Petula Mitchell lives in the south of England and is married with a grown up family but two greyhounds to support! She works part time for the NHS. Over the past few years, she has had articles published on line for Spooky Isles dealing with folklore and dark history and short stories and poems published in anthologies by them. She has two previous Flame Tree newsletters with her stories included. She has an anthology of her short stories published called At the Crossroads and Other Tales of the Supernatural. She also self-publishes on Booksie and her stories have had over ten thousand views.
About Spooky Isles 63
PHILIP DAVIES lives in Shrewsbury and is an Undertaker, Funeral Celebrant and writer. He is also the curator of Islwyn's Legacy, a collection of esoterica and paranormal curiosities left to him by his late Great Uncle.
About Spooky Isles 64
POLLYANNA JONES is a writer and illustrator who says: "My specialist interests include folklore and customs of Britain, Ireland, and western Europe, as well as local history and early and pre-Christian practices. I am a regular writer for the Celtic Guide, and have been featured on Medievalists.net. I also maintain a website on Norse and Germanic magical traditions." http://pollyannajones. hubpages.com
About Spooky Isles 65
RICHARD MARKWORTH is a writer and filmmaker who has been obsessed with horror and monsters, in all their fictional forms since childhood. As well as creating his own macabre tales, Richard loves discussing the horror genre, from B-movies to the classics, with likeminded aficionados.
About Spooky Isles 66
RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES is Spooky Isles' Film Editor, and lives with his wife close to the Dorset Coast. He spends far too much of his spare time watching horror films and listening to psychedelic music (sometimes simultaneously). You can find him on Twitter @rpjwrites.
About Spooky Isles 67
Rick Hale, is a native of Chicago, Illinois and first became interested in the paranormal after having a positive interaction with an apparition at a young age. Rick is the author of The Geek's Guide To The Strange and Unusual: Poltergeists, Ghosts and Demons. Behold! Shocking True Tales of Terror...and Some Other Spooky Stuff. And Bullets, Booze and Babes: The Haunted History of Chicago and Illinois. Rick is the co-host of The Shadow Initiative Paranormal Talk. Rick was featured in the documentary Ghost Tapes 2. Rick is a featured writer for Spooky Isles and Paranormalstudy.com. Rick has also been published by Haunted Times, Paranormal Underground, The Supernatural Magazine and Legends Magazine.
About Spooky Isles 68
Ryan O'Neill is the owner of Haunted Scotland, Paranormal Researcher with Fife Paranormal Research Society and worked within the field of hauntings and afterlife for over 13 years. Recognisable by his appearances in the popular TV show Most Haunted, ITV1’s Tough Gig, USA Prime-Time Show Brew Dogs (With Barry Fitzgerald & Mark Turner) along with countless radio and newspaper contributions.
About Spooky Isles 69
Sarah Blair-Dickinson is an American expat now living in the UK. She has had a lifetime love of the paranormal including everything from horror films to ghost walks. She's also an avid reader and has an awesome dog.
About Spooky Isles 70
SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS is The Spooky Isles' South East England Correspondent. She is particularly interested in folklore and historical hauntings, "I've been intrigued by the paranormal from an early age. I am also an avid fan of British horror, particularly Hammer and Amicus productions, and I love all things strange and macabre."
About Spooky Isles 71
SHARON CLARKE is a paranormal researcher and investigator from Belfast and a founding member of Pacem Paranormal Research Team. She is a horror enthusiast and lover of all things spooky!
About Spooky Isles 72
SIMON BALL is a freelance writer and Editor at Large with the Horror Hothouse website.
About Spooky Isles 73
Award-winning London-based horror film historian STEPHEN JACOBS is the author of Karloff: More than a Monster.
About Spooky Isles 75
Tace Dorris has written for festival and children’s theatre. She has also dabbled in writing and directing short film and documentaries. Currently selling antiques by day and writing at night, she lives in central Scotland and has a keen interest in History, Literature and the Arts.
About Spooky Isles 76
Born in Ottawa, Canada, TERRY SHERWOOD is a lifelong fan of classic horror films and literature that inspired them. He is a contributing Writer/film reviewer for Diabolique online magazine and Classic Film Union Blog on TCM site.
About Spooky Isles 77
Tracy Monger is the founder and lead paranormal investigator for Norwich Paranormal Experience Group, based in Norwich, Norfolk.
About Spooky Isles 79
TREVOR BOND was born in South London to an East End family. He has a long-held fascination with the social and criminal history of London, with a particular interest in the Victorian period. He has spoken at internationally attended conferences and events on subjects ranging from 'Jack the Ripper' to arsenic poisoning, and in 2016 he co-authored 'The A-Z of Victorian Crime'. In 2018 he launched Chronicles Tours, whose current offerings include tours focusing on riots and rebellions, dark deeds in Westminster, the London life of William Shakespeare, the history of Tower Hill, and more. For more information on Chronicles Tours, visit chronicles-uk.com