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The Iguana With The Tongue Of Fire 1971 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES reviews The Iguana With The Tongue Of Fire (1971)

Curse Of The Scarecrow 2018 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at rural fear-fest Curse Of The Scarecrow.

The Man Without A Body 1957 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-reviews 1957 Brit-horror: The Man Without A Body!

Peripheral 2018 REVIEW

Peripheral 2018
EMMA DARK reviews Peripheral (2018), from British director Paul Hyett

Slaughterhouse Rulez 2018 REVIEW

Slaughterhouse Rulez
A fracking operation releases subterranean creatures on the grounds of a public school. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018).

The Gorgon 1964 REVIEW

Close up of The Gorgon
SIMON BALL takes a look at the Hammer classic horror, The Gorgon (1964)

The Tell-Tale Heart 1953 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES celebrates the rediscovery of lost British horror gem, The Tell-Tale Heart 1953

Castle Sinister 1932: The story behind the lost British horror

Castle Sinister is one the BFI's Most Wanted List
MARK FRYERS stitches together what is known about lost British horror classic, Castle Sinister 1932

The Devil’s Doorway 2018 REVIEW

The Devil's Doorway is an example of how to make a found footage horror film
ANDREW GARVEY reviews The Devil's Doorway (2018), a found footage horror film from Ireland

The Fearless Vampire Killers 1967 REVIEW

Dance of the Vampires, Fearless Vampire Killers
JAY HOLLIS reviews Fearless Vampire Killers (1967), Roman Polanski's parody of British horror

The Day of the Triffids 1962 REVIEW

Genuine British classic, the stuff that nightmares of really made from!

The Others 2001 REVIEW

MARK FRYERS reviews The Others, the perfect gothic shocker to watch by candlelight...