Mysterious Phenomena

The UK and Ireland have a long history of mysterious phenomena, including reports of strange creatures, unexplained lights, and other paranormal activity.


Bridget Cleary and Ireland’s Last Witch Burning

Bridget Cleary was Ireland's last person to be burned as a witch - in 1895! ANDREW GARVEY reports...

My Fairy Pilgrimage

When I was a little girl I believed in fairies, says AMY VAN DE CASTEEL

Ghostly Airmen haunted the skies over Lincolnshire

airmen ghosts, ghost aircraft
L.H. DAVIES looks to the old airfields of Lincolnshire to discover the haunting presence of ghostly airmen

The Poltergeist Case of Alma Fielding and the Scepticism of Science

Alma Fielding
Alma Fielding was a housewife in 1930s London who suffered a violent poltergeist outbreak. RICK HALE looks at famed paranormal parapsychologist Nandor Fodor's investigation into the case.

5 Strange Victorian Deaths That’ll Make You Laugh and Cry

ANDREW GARVEY gives us a few more odd Victorian deaths
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