Ghosts, spectres, phantoms, wraiths. If they’re spooky in UK or Ireland, we’ve got them covered!

Warstone Lane Cemetery

Warstone Lane Cemetery’s Unquiet Inhabitants

CHRISTINE MILLER looks at the strange stories attached to Warstone Lane Cemetety, a unique Victorian cemetery in Birmingham
Ballyseede Castle

10 Haunted Irish Castles You Can Actually Stay In!

ANN MASSEY tells us the Top 10 Haunted Irish Castles you can stay in!
Hill House Helensburgh

The Real Haunting of Hill House, Helensburgh

CHRISTINE MILLER discovers the tale of a haunted house in Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, where a gentleman’s spirit refuses to leave the beloved home that so enamoured him in life.
The Fleece Inn in Elland, West Yorkshire

The Fleece Inn, Elland: Yorkshire’s Most Terrifying Pub?

CHRISTINE MILLER heads to The Fleece Inn in Elland, Yorkshire, where up to 15 ghosts are said to frequent.
Alice Whitfield

My Nan, Alice Whitfield, the spiritualist medium

Guest writer SUZANNE LINSEY-MITELLAS, author of Seeing Things, reveals the amazing life of her spiritual medium grandmother, Alice Whitfield, from Hornsey in North London
Black Horse Great Linford - Milton Keynes Pubs

5 Most Haunted Milton Keynes Pubs

Guest writer CLAIRE EVANS looks at the most haunted Milton Keynes pubs and reveals her extraordinary paranormal investigations she has conducted within their spooky walls.
Cabra Castle

5 Haunted Places to Visit in County Cavan

ANN MASSEY reveals five haunted places to visit in County Cavan in Ireland!
Haunted Airfields

Six Haunted Airfields in England

Guest Writer STEVIE MILLER uncovers some of the most incredible paranormal sightings attached to some of England’s airfields.
Forty Hall in Enfield, North London

Forty Hall, Enfield’s most haunted mansion

JAY HOLLIS describes the haunting of Forty Hall in Enfield, North London - a place he grew up near and which still sends shivers up his spine!
Shute Barton Manor

The Grey Lady of Shute Barton Manor

Shute Barton Manor might be well known as one of England’s most important manor houses, however, it is also thought to be haunted by a spirit who may be less than impressed at your visit. CHRISTINE MILLER tells us more.
Seven Stages of Poltergeist Haunting

The Seven Stages of a Poltergeist Haunting: Evelyn Hollow

Poltergeist hauntings come in stages, explains guest writer EVELYN HOLLOW, paranormal researcher from the BBC's Battersea Poltergeist podcast in this guest post for the Spooky Isles
South Shields Poltergeist

The South Shields Poltergeist – 15 Years On

Paranormal investigator and author DARREN W. RITSON looks back on his involvement in one of England's most shocking paranormal cases, The South Shields Poltergeist...
The Rufus Stone, a memorial to King William II, in New Forest

The Mystery of the Rufus Stone

CHRISTINE MILLER looks at the Rufus Stone and tries to unravel the mystery of the death, and possible murder of King William II, whose spirit is still said to be unable to rest.
Most Haunted - Mary King's Close

Mary King’s Close Most Haunted REVIEW

CHRISTINE MILLER looks back on Most Haunted: Mary King's Close
Great British Ghosts

The George and Pilgrims Hotel and Berkeley Castle: Great British Ghosts (S2, E2)

CHRISTINE MILLER takes a look at Great British Ghosts' trip to The George and Pilgrims Hotel and Berkeley Castle

Britain’s 5 Most Haunted Battlefields

EDDIE BRAZIL dons his breastplate and tassets and goes in search of the phantom armies, which are still slugging it out on Britain's Haunted Battlefields.
Kilkea Castle County Kildare

5 Haunted Places to Visit in County Kildare, Ireland

ANN MASSEY tells us her 5 favourite haunted places in County Kildare, Ireland.
Fleur de Lys, a haunted New Forest Pub in Pilley

5 Most Haunted New Forest Pubs

Guest writer EDWARD NICHOLLS takes us on a crawl around 5 most haunted New Forest pubs in Hampshire.
Battersea Poltergeist BBC

The Battersea Poltergeist: BBC Radio 4 Podcast REVIEW

The Battersea Poltergeist is a new BBC Radio 4 podcast that shines a spotlight on a poltergeist case in South London, says CHRISTINE MILLER
ghostly lovers

5 Saddest Tales of Ghostly Romance

As Valentine’s Day approaches, CHRISTINE MILLER looks at five real-life supernatural tales of ghostly romance
Most Haunted - Mary King's Close

Bodmin Gaol Most Haunted REVIEW

CHRISTINE MILLER reviews a particularly infamous Most Haunted episode when the team took, what would become, a rather eventful visit to Bodmin Gaol
Ringcroft Poltergeist

The Ringcroft Poltergeist, Scotland’s Most Extreme Haunting

Guest writer MARTIN R. SHAW reveals The Ringcroft Poltergeist, a particularly unnerving Scottish haunting from Dumfries and Galloway, all the way back in the...
Cold Christmas Lane

Cold Christmas, Hertfordshire’s saddest haunted church

Cold Christmas' derelict old church in rural Hertfordshire is surrounded by dark tales of ghosts and nasty goings on, says ANDY CHAPLIN
Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire: 13 Haunted Places to Visit

Gloucestershire in England’s South West is home to some truly spooky places - from jails, to pubs, to even an entire village full of ghosts! CHRISTINE MILLER tells us of the county’s 13 most haunted locations.

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