Discover the old myths and tall tales handed down over the generations from our ancient lands…

5 Folklore Legends From Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire is full of mysterious folklore legends. CHRISTINE MILLER tells us of five of the best.
The Morrigan

The Morrigan – Ireland’s Darkest Goddess

The Morrigan, or Phantom Queen, is Ireland’s Dark Goddess associated with war and fate, an omen of death. ROIBEARD MCELROY reaches back in time to the Ulster Cycle to tell us where she came from.
The Lincoln Imp has appeared on many postcards

What is the Lincoln Imp?

Lincoln Cathedral boasts a Lilliputian stone inhabitant said to be sent by Satan himself to unleash hell on earth. CHRISTINE MILLER reveals the legend behind the Lincoln Imp.
Martin Mere

Martin Mere’s strange tales of mermaids

Martin Mere in Lancashire is steeped in forklore, including tales of mermaids, says guest writer DEBORAH CONTESSA
The Dobhar Chu is a monstrous beat similar to a giant otter with crocodile type qualities

Dobhar Chu, Ireland’s vicious supernatural crocodile otter monster

The Dobhar Chu is a bloodthirsty supernatural crocodile that has been terrorising Ireland’s lochs for centuries, says guest writer ROIBEARD MCELROY
The carved stone head looking over Olney Churchyard

Olney and the folklore of my childhood home

Olney is a Buckinghamshire town with dark and mysterious legends and is the hometown of guest writer ADAM SARGANT
Mermaid of Zennor Village

Mermaid of Zennor, Cornwall’s mysterious maritime tale

The Mermaid of Zennor is remembered on an ancient church pew in Cornwall....
Roche Rock Cornwall

Roche Rock Cornwall, the home of Jan Tregeagle’s evil spirit

Roche Rock is an natural stone formation in Cornwall haunted by the supernatural!

St Michael’s Mount Myths and Legends

St Michael's Mount in Cornwall has many dark myths and legends from centuries past. We look at some of them, including Jack the Giant Killer!
Willo the Wisp

What is Will o’ the Wisp? An illuminating folklore guide

Will o’ the Wisp is a ghostly light or flame seen by travellers at night over bogs and marshes.
bee superstition

Bee superstition: A matter of life and death

Bees are part of life in the British Isles, and part of darkness and death. GAYLE FIDLER tells local bee superstition.

The Story of St Leonard, England’s Last Dragon Slayer

PETULA MITCHELL tells us about the St Leonard, the 6th century French hermit who killed England's last dragon near Horsham in West Sussex

What Lurks In Dartmoor’s Wistman’s Woods?

Enter Dartmoor's Wistman's Woods at your own peril, lest you come face to face with evil, warns RICK HALE

Evil fairies bewitch ploughman on Bennachie

Guest writer DUNCAN HARLEY tells of a a fairy dance and a snoring giant on the hill of Bennachie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland Victorian writer and...

Jim Fitzpatrick on Irish Mythology, Phil Lynott and Che Guevara

ANN MASSEY speaks to renowned Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick about Irish mythology, Phil Lynott’s love of Irish folklore and dark poets and THAT Che Guevara poster!

Top 10 dark Ireland folk songs based on hauntings and death

Here’s our top 10 favourite Irish folklore and dark history inspired songs, according to ANN MASSEY!

Going Underground: 3 Subterranean Mining Spirits

KATE CHERRELL takes us underground to visit the world of miners and the spirits who would sometimes give them a helping hand...

10 Weirdest British Easter traditions you never knew

CLAIRE BARRAND reveals some strange and wonderful Easter traditions from Britain
A Highland Funeral by Sir James Guthrie, 1883.

5 Scottish death customs you never knew existed

KATE CHERRELL looks at five unusual Scottish death customs

Did Welsh Giants Once Roam the Valleys?

CLAIRE BARRAND goes searching for Welsh Giants!
Welsh funeral

5 strange British funeral superstitions

Death and funerals are surrounded by folklore and superstition. KATE CHERELL reveals some of the strangest beliefs concerning British funerals...

Spooky Christmas Folklore You Need to Know!

CLAIRE BARRAND reveals the spooky backgrounds to many of the ancient Christmas folklore and traditions that we still enjoy!

6 Welsh Places with Gates to Annwn, ‘The Otherworld’

CLAIRE BARRAND tells us where to find gateways to The Welsh Otherworld of Annwn….

Old Prophet Edmund Jones, The Fairy Minister of Wales who saved Welsh Folklore

CLAIRE BARRAND tells us about Edmund Jones aka The Old Prophet Jones, a crucial collector of Welsh folklore

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