Mysterious Creatures

From mythical beasts to supernatural entities, we explores the mysterious and enigmatic creatures that have captured the imaginations of British and Irish people for centuries. Come with us on a journey into the realm of folklore, as we explore the legends and mysteries surrounding these elusive entities.


Imber: Abandoned Ghost Town of Wiltshire

The ancient Wiltshire village of Imber has been deserted since WW2 to allow for military training. The people may have left but the village's ghosts remain, says RICK HALE

The Werewolves of Ossory

Werewolves of Ossory, Celtic Werewolf
An Irish priest discovers a couple of werewolves looking for absolution in this ancient tale retold by ANN MASSEY

Haunted London’s 27 spookiest ghost sightings to visit

Haunted London
Are you brave enough to visit Haunted London’s most terrifyingly places? Here we list the capital's scariest haunts.

Mermaid Inn Most Haunted REVIEW

Most Haunted - Mary King's Close
Mermaid Inn Most Haunted episode reviewed by CHRISTINE MILLER

The Bull Hotel, Long Melford: Where Poltergeists and Ghost Hunters Roam

Bull Inn Long Melford
Not only haunted, The Bull Hotel Long Melford holds a special place in paranormal history as the base for Harry Price during his Borley Rectory ghosthunting investigations. RICK HALE tells us more.
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