Esoteric Arts

Esoteric arts encompass a wide range of practices that involve exploring and working with spiritual, mystical, or hidden aspects of reality. These practices often draw from ancient wisdom traditions, magical systems, and other esoteric teachings, and can include disciplines such as astrology, divination, meditation, energy healing, ritual magic, and alchemy.


Brownies: 10 Fascinating Facts from Scottish Folklore

Brownies, also known as a brùnaidh or gruagach, are household spirits from Scottish folklore. CALLUM CAMPBELL tells us some interesting facts about them...

Gerald Gardner: A Very British Witchcraft REVIEW

KATIE DOHERTY reviews A Very British Witchcraft TV documentary

The Strange Liverpool Pyramid of William McKenzie

Liverpool Pyramid William McKenzie
ELLIOT DAVIES uncovers the truth about the 15 foot Liverpool Pyramid - the tomb of William McKenzie!

Cleadon, a village of ghosts and monstrous beasts

Cleadon Old Mill
L.H. DAVIES says Cleadon in north-east England has more than its fair share of paranormal goings-on!

Crawley: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Crawley Postcard
Crawley in West Sussex may not be an ancient town but it's got plenty to intrigue ghosthunters and fans of the paranormal, says PETULA MITCHELL
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