Cryptozoology is the study or search for animals whose existence has yet to be verified by mainstream science. Such creatures in the UK include the Loch Ness Monster and the Grey Man of Ben MacDhui.


8 types of ghosts you might encounter on a ghost hunt

types of ghosts
MJ STEEL COLLINS has gone back to the classics to discover master ghost hunter Peter Underwood's thoughts on types of ghosts!

10 Tips to Start Ghosthunting On Your Own

How to be a paranormal investigator
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Shadows (S1, E4) The Waiting Room REVIEW

A creepy railway station at night, a ghostly vision from the past. Classic Brit-horror ingredients in the Shadows episode, The Waiting Room. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES waits on platform one.

Why daytime ghost hunting better than night for paranormal research?

daytime paranormal research, ghostunting during the day
MICKEY GOCOOL explains why it's possible, mostly preferable, to do daytime ghost hunting

10 Hellraiser Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS picks 10 Hellraiser facts about the daddy of all British 1980s horrors, Hellraiser (1987)