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Check out our reviews and profiles of British and Irish television, including classic horror, fantasy and paranormal programmes…

Welcome to the real Devil’s End, as seen in Doctor Who:...

The real-life locations of Devil's End in the classic Doctor Who serial The Daemons can be seen in Aldbourne in Wiltshire.
BARRY McCANN goes behind the scenes of Doctor Who classic The Daemon's and visits the real Devil's End - Aldbourne, Wiltshire

During Barty’s Party: Beasts REVIEW

During Barty's Party
CHRIS NEWTON takes a look at During Barty's Party, part of Nigel Kneale's memorable 1970s TV horror anthology Beasts

Dr Who: 10 Things You Might Not Know About The Daemons

Dr Who The Daemons
CHRIS NEWTON reveals some interesting facts about 1971 Dr Who serial The Daemons...

Beasts: What Big Eyes, imperfect but wonderfully twisted terror

What Big Eyes Beasts
CHRIS NEWTON continues his series on Nigel Kneale's classic horror, Beasts with What Big Eyes...

Nature and woodlands enhance spookiness of The Owl Service

The Owl Service
DONNA CUTTRESS looks back on The Owl Service, the award-winning British ghost novel made into a supernatural 1970s TV series... 

Beasts: Baby, Nigel Kneale's most primal and disturbing TV

Beasts Baby
CHRIS NEWTON looks back on 1970s classic horror television from Nigel Kneale with Beasts: Baby episode

10 Scariest Moments in Doctor Who

Scariest moments in Doctor Who: The Sea Devils
DOCTOR WHO has terrified fans for more than 50 years. CHRIS NEWTON picks his 10 scariest moments in the legendary BBC series...

The Tractate Middoth: 10 things you didn’t know

The Tractate Middoth
RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES unearths 10 interesting facts about M.R. James' The Tractate Middoth

Inside No. 9's The Devil of Christmas, a festive nightmare too...

The Devil of Christmas Inside Number 9
CHRIS NEWTON says Inside No. 9's The Devil of Christmas adds a dark twist to your normal Christmas TV fare...

Spooky Christmas Seas: 5 TV Seaside Chillers

The Woman in Black
MARK FRYERS gives us five great instances of the haunted seaside on British television.

Christmas Spirits 1981, rewarding yuletide fare from ITV

Christmas Spirits 1981
MARK FRYERS highlights a little-known Christmas ITV spooky classic Christmas Spirits 1981

The League of Gentleman 2000 Christmas Special – Yule Never Want...

League of Gentlemen Christmas Special 2000
CHRIS NEWTON recalls the horrific but hilarious Christmas special The League of Gentlemen dished up back in 2000...

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