Happy Halloween!

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Spooky Isles Halloween Playlist 2019

Here are some unusual yet very spooky choices for your Halloween playlist from the writers of Spooky Isles
Halloween Poems

Halloween Poems to Read by Candlelight

Halloween is a great time to read spooky poetry. Here are some old and new Halloween poems to read by candlelight!
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Halloween’s Scottish Origins

MJ STEEL COLLINS looks at the very Scottish tradition of Halloween
5 things you should never do on a Halloween Ghost Hunt

5 things you should never do on a Halloween Ghost Hunt

DAVID SAUNDESON explains what not to do on a Halloween ghost hunt to keep yourself safe and sane!
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Does St Mark's Eve rival Halloween as the spookiest day of the year?

K.B. GODDARD tells of St Mark's Eve, 24 April, when the souls of the living leave their bodies and tell the future!

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Anthony Kerrigan

Anthony Kerrigan, Ghost Éire INTERVIEW

Anthony Kerrigan is a paranormal investigator with Ghost Éire. ANN MASSEY finds out what make him tick!
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Thriller (S6, E5): Kill Two Birds REVIEW

Two American tourists accidentally get embroiled in an underworld feud, with lives and a huge sum of money at stake. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at Thriller: Kill Two Birds.
Rosemary Widdy Fahy, from Puca Paranormal

Rosemary Widdy Fahy, Puca Paranormal INTERVIEW

Rosemary Widdy Fahy is the face behind Púca Paranormal. She talks to ANN MASSEY about her spooky adventures around Ireland.
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Thriller (S6, E4): Dial A Deadly Number REVIEW

A chance misdialled phone call leads to a failed actor posing as a psychiatrist for a quick buck, but is he out of his depth? RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at Thriller: Dial A Deadly Number.
MJ Dickson

MJ Dickson talks In Search of the Paranormal

ANN MASSEY talks to MJ Dickson about her online TV show In Search of the Paranormal