Yeth Hounds and Alien Big Cats VIDEO

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Nigel Wright, a seasoned paranormal journalist and researcher with 27 years of experience, speaks with Spooky Isles to discuss his views on England as a hotspot for paranormal and supernatural phenomena

Do Alien Big Cats Roam England?
Do Alien Big Cats Roam England?

Known for his work with the Centre for Fortean Zoology, Nigel Wright delves into the mysteries of Yeth Hounds, Alien Big Cats, and other enigmatic creatures that roam the English countryside.

In the video interview with David Saunderson, Nigel Wright explores the intriguing overlap between folklore and actual sightings of mysterious creatures.

He argues that while some sightings can be attributed to flesh-and-blood animals, a significant portion may have a more supernatural explanation.

Wright, who has a background in folklore and legends, particularly from the West Country, suggests that the line between the natural and the paranormal is often blurred.

Wright discusses the phenomenon of big cats in England, often referred to as “Alien Big Cats” due to their unexpected presence in the British Isles.

He mentions that while some of these sightings can be traced back to animals released into the wild by private collectors, there’s more to the story. He notes an increase in big cat sightings during periods of heightened UFO activity, suggesting a possible link between the two phenomena.

Drawing on folklore from Dartmoor and other regions, Wright talks about Yeth Hounds, also known as “Wish Hounds”.

These are spectral dogs said to roam the moors, often linked to legends of hellhounds and werewolves. Wright recounts historical accounts of these creatures, suggesting that while some stories may be exaggerated, they often contain a kernel of truth.

Throughout the interview, Wright maintains a balanced perspective. He acknowledges the role of misidentification and dramatisation in many accounts but also leaves room for genuinely unexplained phenomena.

He believes that England’s colourful tapestry of folklore and modern-day sightings make it an epicentre for both natural and supernatural occurrences.

Nigel Wright’s insights offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of England’s paranormal phenomena.

Whether you’re a sceptic or a believer, his observations challenge us to look beyond the obvious and consider the complex interplay between folklore, natural occurrences, and the unexplained.

For the full experience and to hear Nigel Wright’s thoughts in detail, watch the video below.

Watch Yeth Hounds and Alien Big Cats Video


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