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England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.

Emma Heard Grovely Wood

Visit Grovely Wood and its haunting terrors

Guest writer EMMA HEARD, from Weird Wiltshire, says you'll be in for a big surprise when you go into the ancient woodlands of Grovely...
Warstone Lane Cemetery

Warstone Lane Cemetery’s Unquiet Inhabitants

CHRISTINE MILLER looks at the strange stories attached to Warstone Lane Cemetety, a unique Victorian cemetery in Birmingham
The Fleece Inn in Elland, West Yorkshire

The Fleece Inn, Elland: Yorkshire’s Most Terrifying Pub?

CHRISTINE MILLER heads to The Fleece Inn in Elland, Yorkshire, where up to 15 ghosts are said to frequent.
Evil witch - river hag

The Deadly River Hags of England

Don’t stray too far towards the water’s edge; these river hags need victims! CHRISTINE MILLER explains.
Black Horse Great Linford - Milton Keynes Pubs

5 Most Haunted Milton Keynes Pubs

Guest writer CLAIRE EVANS looks at the most haunted Milton Keynes pubs and reveals her extraordinary paranormal investigations she has conducted within their spooky walls.
Haunted Airfields

Six Haunted Airfields in England

Guest Writer STEVIE MILLER uncovers some of the most incredible paranormal sightings attached to some of England’s airfields.
Great British Ghosts

The Cage and The Old Courthouse Inn: Great British Ghosts (S2, E1)

Great British Ghosts heads to Essex to uncover the dark and spooky secrets of the Cage and the Old Courthouse Inn, CHRISTINE MILLER reviews
The Rufus Stone, a memorial to King William II, in New Forest

The Mystery of the Rufus Stone

CHRISTINE MILLER looks at the Rufus Stone and tries to unravel the mystery of the death, and possible murder of King William II, whose spirit is still said to be unable to rest.

Britain’s 5 Most Haunted Battlefields

EDDIE BRAZIL dons his breastplate and tassets and goes in search of the phantom armies, which are still slugging it out on Britain's Haunted Battlefields.
Fleur de Lys, a haunted New Forest Pub in Pilley

5 Most Haunted New Forest Pubs

Guest writer EDWARD NICHOLLS takes us on a crawl around 5 most haunted New Forest pubs in Hampshire.
The Lincoln Imp has appeared on many postcards

What is the Lincoln Imp?

Lincoln Cathedral boasts a Lilliputian stone inhabitant said to be sent by Satan himself to unleash hell on earth. CHRISTINE MILLER reveals the legend behind the Lincoln Imp.
Torbay Postcard

Torbay: Haunted Places to Visit

DAVID PHILLIPS, the founder and organiser of Torbay Investigators of the Paranormal (TIP), gives us the benefit of his more than 25 years of experience exploring the unknown in Devon

Haunted Black Country Living Museum and its ghostly past

ANDREW HOMER asks why do old haunted buildings, moved brick-by-brick to open air museums like the Black Country Living Museum, retain their paranormal activity?
Avebury Stones in Wiltshire

Avebury Stone Circles and their ancient mysteries

Avebury Stone Circles are said to be home to quite the amount of paranormal activity, and there is even one case of an unnerving time slip, says CHRISTINE MILLER
Somerset Haunted Places to Visit

Somerset: 13 Haunted Places to Visit

Somerset, in the South West of England, boasts more than its fair share of allegedly haunted locations, says CHRISTINE MILLER
The carved stone head looking over Olney Churchyard

Olney and the folklore of my childhood home

Olney is a Buckinghamshire town with dark and mysterious legends and is the hometown of guest writer ADAM SARGANT
Sir Roger Tichborne in the last known photograph before he was lost at sea.

Strange tale of Sir Roger Tichborne, a butcher or baronet?

PETULA MITCHELL delves into the dark history behind the naming of the Sir Roger Tichborne pub in West Sussex
Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall and the ghost of Emma Vernon

Hanbury Hall is the home of the Emma Vernon, whose ghost still haunts its ancient rooms and passageways...
Mermaid of Zennor Village

Mermaid of Zennor, Cornwall’s mysterious maritime tale

The Mermaid of Zennor is remembered on an ancient church pew in Cornwall....
Soho London

Soho: 8 Haunted Places to Visit

Soho - central London's entertainment district - is full of dark stories of ghosts and hauntings - here are some of the places you can visit - if you dare!
Old Sarum from the sky

Old Sarum, the rise and fall of an ancient settlement

Old Sarum near Salisbury is one of England's most ancient and mysterious settlements with a rich and dark history....
Roche Rock Cornwall

Roche Rock Cornwall, the home of Jan Tregeagle’s evil spirit

Roche Rock is an natural stone formation in Cornwall haunted by the supernatural!
Richmond Theatre

Richmond: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Richmond in a beautiful but spooky town on the Thames. Here are 5 haunted places you can visit.
Chambercombe Manor

Chambercombe Manor’s dark and grisly secrets

Chambercombe Manor in Devon has a history that has left many ghostly imprints, says CHRISTINE MILLER

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