The Bizarre Kersey Time Slip Mystery


The Kersey Time Slip is an example of an eerie event where individuals stumbled into a bygone era through a mysterious portal in a quaint English village, writes RICK HALE

The Bizarre Kersey Time Slip Mystery 1

Kersey Time Slip Mystery

Recently, my son and I were having a conversation, and he asked, “Dad, is time travel possible?”

Now, bear in mind that my son is a super jock. Cross country, basketball, track and field – he is not the sort of kid who likes science fiction.

For example, after watching an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, he said, and I quote, “That was stupid. It was just a bunch of people walking around and talking.” Funny, yes, but it killed me just a smidgen.

So I explained that time travel isn’t impossible; it’s just improbable. In order for it to work, it would either have to travel faster than the speed of light. Or generating the power of a thousand suns to make it happen.

It’s a bummer, I know. But this sci-fi fantasy nerd remains hopeful that one day we’ll figure out how to break that barrier.

But what if we could get around that whole pesky energy thing? What if there was another way to defeat time?

Some theoretical physicists believe there are places that act as a doorway to another time and place.

These time slips, as they call them, could propel a person back in time. And there have been a few of them where normal people found themselves in a different era.

One of these time slips occurred in the Suffolk town of Kersey in 1957, when three military cadets found themselves in a bizarre situation that none of them were prepared to comprehend.

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A Simple Task

1957 was a good year for Britain. The country was rebuilding after the horrors of World War II, and people were back to work and everything was at peace.

In the autumn of that year, three Royal Navy cadets, William Laing, Michael Crowley, and Ray Baker, were given a simple task.

Their superior officers ordered them to perform a simple map-reading exercise and report back to them their findings.

Having walked several miles across the rolling Suffolk countryside, the young men decided to take a short respite from their chore.

Off in the distance, they could make out the town of Kersey and hear its church bells, which indicated a religious service was being performed.

So, the three young men began to make their way to the town for a bite to eat and possibly a pint before returning to their exercise.

Little did they know that their world was going to come crashing down when the bizarre took over.

A Strange Sensation

As the three cadets approached the village, all three took note of a strange sensation.

The three young men remarked that the closer they came, everything around them suddenly became deathly silent.

The church bells were suddenly silent, and there was an eerie stillness that the trio couldn’t comprehend. It was almost as if the world had fallen away and they were the only three left.

The cadets took note that the only signs of life in the village were ducks swimming quietly in a pond.

The streets of Kersey were silent, completely devoid of life. And it only gets stranger as they explore the town.

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A Mediaeval Village

As they wandered deeper into the town, they took note that the church, which was visible from afar, was no longer there.

And there were no telephone lines, which by this time in Britain were everywhere. And there was not a single car in sight.

One of the cadets remarked that it was as if they had stepped back in time into a mediaeval village. Long before the amenities of modern life.

According to the cadets, the houses were hand-built with thatched roofs that haven’t been used in centuries.

One of the buildings, an apparent butcher shop, had a pig carcass hanging on a hook. A carcass that had turned green with mould.

Fear sets in

After a short time of exploration, fear and dread began to set in the hearts of the three cadets.

They feared two things if they remained. One, loneliness would make them go mad.

Or they feared being stuck in a village clearly lost forever in time. So they did the only thing they could think of: they fled for their lives.

After a good amount of running, the world returned to normal. The bells of the church rang once more. And from a distance, they could see signs of life in the village.

The nightmare, if you could call it that, had vanished. And everything was right with the world.

Many years later, Laing returned to the village and met with Andrew MacKenzie, a noted psychical researcher.

According to MacKenzie, the cadets experienced a time slip. A rare event that affords people a glimpse into an age long passed.

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Some may just see events, while others, like the cadets, become active participants in the time slip.

But now, as with any report of unexplained phenomena, we must consider what the sceptics have to say.

According to the sceptics, the cadets were either lying about their experience or Possibly to account for not returning in a timely manner to their school.

Or, the town was silent because it was a Sunday, and everyone was at church. And they mistook the charming architecture for something much older.

Regardless of what you believe, the young cadets maintained that their story was true.

Making this one of Britain’s greatest and most enduring mysteries.

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