Time Slips with Dr Ann Winsper INTERVIEW


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Dr Ann Winsper is a leading expert investigating Time Slip phenomena. She talks to DAVID SAUNDERSON about when the past and present collide…

Dr Ann Winsper
Dr Ann Winsper

Time Slips happen when a moment from the past (or even the future) spontaneously intrudes on the present through unexplained means.

Time slips have fascinated and puzzled both scientists and paranormal researchers for years.

Dr Ann Winsper, a physical-psychological phenomenologist, parapsychologist and co-founder of Para.Science, is a leading authority on time slips, and she’s here to help us understand what they’re all about.

According to Dr Winsper, time slips are moments when individuals find themselves in a completely different period, often in familiar locations. The surroundings change, people’s attire shifts, and even vehicles may appear from another era.

These experiences usually last for a few minutes and can happen anywhere, from Bold Street in Liverpool to rural areas.

One of the challenges in studying time slips is their unpredictable nature. They don’t happen on a schedule, making them difficult to capture or study in a controlled environment.

Dr Winsper points out that people might experience time slips without even realising it, especially in areas used for filming period dramas or places with tour guides dressed in historical costumes.

Dr Winsper acknowledges the difficulty in distinguishing time slips from hauntings.

In both phenomena, people report changes in light and sound. However, time slips seem to involve a broader scope, affecting not just people but also buildings, roads, and the general environment.

Bold Street and other Time Slips

Bold Street in Liverpool is a hotspot for time slip experiences. People have reported walking into shops and seeing themselves exiting, or finding the street transformed into how it looked decades ago.

Dr Winsper is particularly interested in capturing these events on CCTV to provide more concrete evidence.

Another intriguing case comes from Mill Road in Thingwall, Merseyside, where a woman experienced a time slip that seemed to blend different periods. The buildings she saw matched an 1830 tithe map, but the ruins of a mill that she noticed weren’t destroyed until 1911.

This raises questions about whether multiple time periods can intersect in a single time slip.

Dr Winsper admits that the field is still in its infancy, with no concrete theories to explain the phenomenon. She emphasizes the importance of collecting eyewitness accounts to identify commonalities and differences in experiences.

While the scientific community has yet to offer a definitive explanation, Dr Winsper’s work continues to shed light on this mysterious occurrence.

Time slips remain an enigma, but researchers like Dr Ann Winsper are inching closer to understanding this perplexing phenomenon. As she continues her work, one can only hope that the veil over time slips will eventually be lifted.

Have you experienced a time slip? What are your thoughts on this subject? Tell us in the comments section below!

Watch Time Slip Interview with Dr Ann Winsper


  1. Love this interview! Thank you so much for making and posting it. I was looking for more information on time slips and finally came across your video and interview. Thank you.


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