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Things are getting spookier in Durham with Halloween coming, says Andrew Ross, from Walking with the Ghosts of Durham. Andrew tells Spooky Isles about his love of ghost stories and why he started doing ghost tours in Durham.

Walking With The Ghosts of Durham: Andrew Ross INTERVIEW

Durham is a city built upon seven hills and is thick with history and eerie folklore. As Halloween approaches, the atmosphere seems to thicken with whispers of spectral legends that have long captivated the imaginations of its residents.

In the heart of this spooky fun is Andrew Ross, the man behind “Walking with the Ghosts of Durham“, a guided walking tour that has been gaining considerable interest over the past 18 months. We recently sat down with Andrew to delve into what makes his tours so captivating.

Andrew’s love for the paranormal isn’t recent; it has always been an area of fascination for him. “After some personal events and the COVID-19 situation, I decided to give the walking tours a go. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I really enjoy it,” Andrew says.

Born in a village just outside Durham, Andrew has been intimately connected to the city since his adolescence. “I’ve always loved the city. My interest in the paranormal led me to investigate Durham’s ghost stories,” he shares.

For those unfamiliar with Durham’s historical tapestry, Andrew outlines its significance. “Durham’s establishment largely revolves around St Cuthbert, whose body was moved there for safety.” The city has a rich history, and you can see statues that commemorate St Cuthbert’s journey, he elaborates.

When it comes to the existence of ghosts, Andrew is open to possibilities. “There’s definitely something out there, whether it’s a spirit or a residual energy, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is,” he says.

How does one gather stories as tantalising as these? Andrew’s sources range from local legends and old books to news archives and direct accounts from residents. “I always ask people for their ghost stories; I love hearing and sharing them,” he adds.

Andrew has two favourite stories that he loves to share during his tours. One is about Jimmy Allen, a Northumberland musician whose fascinating life saw him travelling across continents and enlisting in the army five times. He died in a Durham prison, and legend has it that the sound of bagpipes can still be heard near Elvet Bridge where he was incarcerated.

The second tale dates back to the 1630s and involves a man daring to jump off the top of Durham Cathedral. He survived his first attempt but tragically missed his landing spot during a second jump, thanks to his wife’s ‘help’. Now, a ghost is seen falling from the tower, presumably disappointed at his wife for moving the landing spot.

When asked if certain areas in Durham are more haunted than others, Andrew divulges that the marketplace is a hotbed of spectral activity. As for sharing these stories in a future book, Andrew considers it a possibility but cites time constraints as a current obstacle.

How does one go on one of Andrew’s tours?

The tours currently run on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, with additional walks leading up to Halloween. “I also offer private tours for groups, but I try to keep the group size to a maximum of 20 people to ensure everyone can hear the stories properly,” Andrew mentions. The tours usually start at Crook Hall, a part of the National Trust, which Andrew recommends as a perfect location to begin exploring Durham’s haunted past.

So, whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Walking with the Ghosts of Durham offers an enthralling experience that you shouldn’t miss, especially given the city’s atmospheric settings like its iconic cathedral. With Andrew Ross as your guide, it promises to be a hauntingly memorable walk.

You can watch the video below.

You can find out more about the tours and how to book here.

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