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Elliott O’Donnell: Was he a Legitimate Ghosthunter or fake?

Elliott O’Donnell is known as one of history's greatest ghosthunters - or was he just a paranormal embellisher, asks CHRISTINE MILLER

10 Haunted Cornwall Pubs to Terrify You!

KEITH COLEMAN looks at 10 haunted Cornwall pubs, inns and hotels

Winchester’s 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Winchester Cathedral
Winchester in southern England is rich with historic treasures. Guest writer MONA HERB BOUGHTON takes us on a spooky tour of the ancient city’s most haunted places to visit.

Ghostly Sobbing from Old Calton Gaol, Edinburgh

Old Calton Jail
The horrific cries of an executed baby murderer may be heard coming from the depths Old Calton Jail in Edinburgh, says JOHN TANTALON

My Fairy Pilgrimage

When I was a little girl I believed in fairies, says AMY VAN DE CASTEEL
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