Lady Howard and the Death Coach VIDEO

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Watch video as HELEN JR BRUCE tells us about the dark folklore behind the popular legend of Lady Howard and the Death Coach

Lady Howard and the Death Coach
Lady Howard and the Death Coach

What is the legend of Lady Howard and the Death Coach?

Lady Howard and the Death Coach is a popular folklore tale that has been passed down for generations across England, particularly in the South West.

The legend tells the story of a wealthy woman named Lady Howard, who was known for her arrogance and haughty behaviour towards others.

According to the legend, Lady Howard was travelling in her coach one night when it suddenly broke down in a remote area. As she waited for help to arrive, a dark coach pulled up beside her and offered her a ride.

Lady Howard, not wanting to walk in the dark, accepted the offer and climbed aboard the coach.

Lady Howard unwittingly accepts offer from Death Coach

Once inside, she realized that she was not alone. The coach was filled with dark figures, and the driver was an ominous figure known as the “Death Coachman”.

The coach then began to move at an alarming speed, hurtling through the countryside with Lady Howard trapped inside.

Lady Howard begged and pleaded for the coach to stop, but the Death Coachman refused to listen.

Eventually, the coach arrived at its destination, which was said to be a gateway to the afterlife. Lady Howard was forced to step out of the coach and face her final judgement.

The legend of Lady Howard and the Death Coach has many variations, and some versions of the story suggest that Lady Howard was ultimately able to escape from the coach and return to the land of the living.

However, the overall theme of the legend is one of reckoning and judgement, with Lady Howard being forced to face the consequences of her actions in life.

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