English Witches Take on Hitler: The Story of Operation Cone of Power VIDEO


We talk to folklorist and author Helen JR Bruce about Operation Cone of Power, how Witches in the New Forest took the fight directly to Hitler during World War 2

During the summer of 1940, a group of witches and spiritual seekers in Highcliffe-on-Sea, on the UK’s South Coast, reportedly staged a ritual to defend their country against a threatened German invasion.

What was Operation Cone of Power?

Folklorist and author Helen JR Bruce tells Spooky Isles how the group, including members of the local New Forest Coven, is said to have performed a magical assault on the mind of Adolf Hitler with a ritual dubbed “Operation Cone of Power”, designed to weaken his resolve to invade England.

While there is no direct evidence of the ritual beyond the writings of Wiccan founder Gerald Gardner, the events have become important legends in modern Wicca. Gardner claimed that the ritual was based on secret knowledge passed down through generations of English witches and that similar rituals had been used twice before to turn back invasions in English history.

Gerald Gardner, Operation Cone of Power
Gerald Gardner

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