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In this UK beginner’s guide to UFOs video, expert Neil Nixon delves into the enduring fascination that people have for Unidentified Flying Objects

A Beginner's Guide to UFOs in the UK with Neil Nixon

The enigmatic world of UFOs has long fascinated the public, but understanding the phenomena remains elusive.

To shed light on this subject, David Saunderson sat down with Neil Nixon, a researcher, author, and live speaker, to discuss the history, cases and misconceptions surrounding Unidentified Flying Objects in the UK.

Before diving into the UFO discussion, Neil Nixon introduced his new book Why Mystery Matters.

According to Neil, the book explores how engaging with the unknown enriches our lives and challenges our understanding.

“It matters because we benefit as human beings. If we’re engaged with stuff that is so much bigger and more complicated than we can understand, it just puts us in a position where we stretch our understanding and ourselves,” Nixon said.

A Brief Guide to UFOs in the UK

Nixon emphasised that the UK has a long and complex history of UFO sightings, similar to other developed countries.

“Our history of sighting strange things in the sky or in the air, but very close to the ground, is as long and complicated as any other developed country,” he noted.

Nixon mentioned several intriguing cases, including a sighting in St Albans around 1254 and another of a very similar object very close to the same location in 2009, witnessed by singer Kim Wilde.

He also highlighted the Ministry of Defence’s interest in three specific cases: Operation Main Brace in 1952, a complicated sighting involving Lakenheath and Bentwaters air bases in 1956, and the Tehran sighting of 1976.

“These were all cases where there was so much going on. Military witnesses, radar tracks and stuff like that led us to believe that there might be some kind of attack,” Nixon explained.

Nixon pointed out that the UK government has been increasingly transparent about UFOs, especially after the Freedom of Information Act.

Researchers like David Clark have used this act to uncover a wealth of information about UFO cases. As a result of many more Freedom of Information requests than expected the British government eventually declassified many files, which are now publicly available.

When asked about UFO hotspots in the UK, Nixon mentioned Warminster in Wiltshire, Bonnybridge in Scotland, and the Broad Haven Triangle in Wales. He also advised those who think they’ve seen something to report it to reputable organisations like ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena).

Nixon warned beginners against the misconception that they will quickly find definitive proof of extra-terrestrial existence. “First of all, if you get involved in it, you’re going to find the truth, the alien existence, very quickly. I believed that when I was 13, it’s not going to happen,” he cautioned.

The Future of UFO Research

Nixon believes that the future will see more government transparency and the application of artificial intelligence in UFO research.

He also expects an increase in academic research that will provide substantial answers, even if they don’t satisfy hardcore believers in extra-terrestrial life.

For those interested in delving deeper into the subject, Nixon recommended ASAAP and the website of UFO enthusiast Isaac Koi as valuable resources.

He also urged people to attend conferences and read peer-reviewed journals to gain a comprehensive understanding of the phenomena.

For a more in-depth exploration of this fascinating subject, watch the full video interview with Neil Nixon below.

Find out more about Neil Nixon at his website.

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Watch A UK Beginner’s Guide to UFOs with Neil Nixon


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