Why is the Falkirk Triangle, Scotland’s UFO capital?

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Falkirk in Scotland sees so many UFO sightings, some believe it may be a portal to another world, says RICK HALE

In central Scotland, there is a place that has gained a reputation for witnessing strange lights in the sky and aircraft that could only be described as otherworldly.

The Falkirk Triangle, bordering the towns of Bonnybridge, Stirling and Fife, is considered by many to be Scotland’s UFO capital.

And these encounters with alleged alien aircraft don’t just number in a dozen or two, but rather in the hundreds.

Falkirk Triangle

With such a high concentration of UFO sightings, many in the UFOlogical community believe the Falkirk Triangle just maybe a portal area for these bizarre occurrences.

The Falkirk Triangle Sightings Begin

Sightings of UFOs began in 1992 to a lifelong resident of Bonnybridge.

James Walker, a businessman, was driving home from work on the same route he drove every day without incident.

However, today was different when he noticed some strange lights in the sky he had never seen before.

He was ready to just dismiss them as stars when something happened that stars typically don’t do, they moved.

James brought his car to a halt to give the lights much closer scrutiny. He watched as the stars danced around, almost like some celestial ballet.

Suddenly, the lights stopped dancing and came together to form a giant triangle that hung overhead making absolutely no noise.

With fear overcoming his curiosity, James Walker, businessman and unlikely UFO experiencer fled the scene as swiftly as his car would take him.

Reports Come Rolling In

Within days of Walker’s encounter with the unexplained lights, several people came forward with their own stories of lights in the sky.

Not a day would go by without another UFO sighting being reported to local police departments. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t much the police could do. They were just as mystified as to the people making the reports.

It would be easy to dismiss these stories as people observing an atmospheric anomaly. Or misidentifying terrestrial aircraft.

But this was a time when just about everyone had a video camera and the proof of these craft hovering over people’s homes was caught on tape making it somewhat harder to dispute.

Local Politician Reacts

By the mid to late 1990s, the reports of UFOs over Bonnybridge became so numerous local Politician, Billy Buchanan did the only thing he could think, make the mysterious activity public.

He wanted the world to know what he and his fellow Bonnybridge citizens were seeing.

As time went by the UFO sightings attracted a heavy media presence to Bonnybridge. It wasn’t uncommon to be stopped on the street and questioned by reporters.

With all the attention the area was getting, Buchanan began a letter-writing campaign.

He wrote the Queen, the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Defense.

He demanded that an official enquiry be opened to try and answer the many questions his constituency had concerning the UFOs.

Predictably he was either ignored, or he was told that whatever people were seeing in the Falkirk Triangle were not extraterrestrial spacecraft.

As the media created a buzz more people came forward to report their unnerving encounters. And none of those encounters was more unnerving than what the Sloggett family experienced.

Sloggett Family Encounter

In March of 1992, the Sloggett family was enjoying the crisp early spring air as they took a walk close to their home in Bonnybridge.

As they walked they became aware of a strange ring of lights hovering over a nearby moor.

Suddenly, becoming quite frightened, the family attempted to flee but were stopped when a blue, football-shaped object appeared and blocked their escape.

Isabella Sloggett, the family matriarch, later reported that her and her daughter watched as a door slid open on the side of the ring of lights and an unearthly howl issued from the interior of the craft.

Isabella and her daughter were overcome by an overwhelming sense of terror, screamed and were finally able to make their escape.

Whatever nightmarish being made that howl could certainly not be of this world.

The Contractor’s Story

A couple of years after the initial sighting in 1994, a group of contractors were scared off a job when a large ball of light buzzed the building they were working on.

Needless to say, they refused to return to the job following the frightening encounter.

Falkirk Triangle Today

Since that first sighting by James Walker, the sightings of lights and UFOs continues 27 years later.

Sceptics of UFOs and paranormal phenomenon have come forward to offer their explanations for what people were seeing. And those explanations are not unreasonable.

Upon hearing the sceptical theories concerning their sightings, the people of the Falkirk Triangle will have none of it.

They know what they saw. And no one will tell any different.


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